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13 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Okra Water in the Morning

This post will show you why you should start drinking okra water every day especially before eating in the morning and how to prepare okra water therapy for your health.

Okra also know as “Lady Finger” is a common nutritious and healthy vegetable. It has a sweet taste. The Fruit, Roots, Leaves, Young Pods, Seeds are used for medicinal purposes. It is best use to treat cancer.

The nature of the plant is cold. It is an annual plant. It grows in a temperate climate. It grows up to 1.2 M. The Botanical name is Abelmoschus Esculentus, Hibiscus Esculentu.

You can get a lot of nutrients and health benefits from Okra water.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of Okra water.

Nutrients in Okra water

  • Anthocyanine,
  • Arachidic Acid,
  • Ash,
  • Calcium,
  • Carbohydrate,
  • Carotene,
  • Copper, D
  • Glucose,
  • D Glucuronic,
  • Dietary Fiber,
  • Energy,
  • Eugenol,
  • Fat,
  • Fiber,
  • Flavonols,
  • Folate,
  • Fructose.

Health Benefits of drinking Okra water in the morning

Filtering Okra water in a glass container

Do you know you can Soak Okra In Lukewarm Water Overnight, Drink To Get These Health Benefits:

1. Treats Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea can be a life-threatening disease if it is not treated for a long period of time. It causes a huge loss of water from the body, leaving one completely dehydrated. Okra water helps to replenish this lost water and various other minerals in the body. All you need to do is drink just a glass and you’ll be fine.

2. Reduces Asthma Attack

Okra water has powerful benefits and can help to curb asthma attacks. Asthma attacks can be deadly and happen just about anytime without any warning. It is always better to prevent it rather than curing it. Drinking okra water every day helps in preventing these attacks.

3. Treats Anaemia

Okra water helps the body to produce more red blood cells, which helps to treat anaemia. Okra water contains many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, magnesium, etc., which help in producing more red blood cells in the body.

4. Strengthens the Bones

This health benefit of okra water helps to strengthen the bones. The folate present in it offers great benefits during the pregnancy for both the mother and the child. It increases the density of the bones resulting in stronger and healthier bones, preventing osteoporosis.

5. Treats Diabetes

Okra contains insulin-like properties, which are beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. Okra water helps to reduce the sugar level in the blood. Ensure you consume okra water regularly to control diabetes.

6. Relieves Constipation

Ever felt the pain of constipation and the sense of a bloated body? Very disgusting, right? Well, okra water is here to your rescue. The same soluble fibre, which regulates cholesterol, helps in providing relief from this condition as well. Okra water is a natural laxative and contains fibre that helps to ease the bowel movements.

7. Improves The Immune System

The immune system helps the body fight against various diseases, such as cold and flu. Okra water contains high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to improve the immunity power of a person.

8. Treats a Sore Throat And Cough

Okra water can be very effective when it comes to treating a sore throat and cough. Everyone feels so much of discomfort when there are constant soreness and itchiness in the throat. Okra contains antibacterial properties that help to reduce this soreness.

How to prepare Okra water therapy

9. Okra water for ovulation

Do you know that okra is one food that boost ovulation?

They are different ways we can use okra to boost ovulation, one way is to make it as soup using the okra and the leaves.

Another method is:

  • Buy okro from the market.
  • Wash it well then cut about 5 fingers of it.
  • Soak it with cold water for overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning on empty stomach.

Note: Make sure you separate the Okra from the water. The right time to drink Okra water is after your monthly period. Also drink it for only 1 day and prepare another one. Do this okra therapy for 3 days. It will boost your ovulation and help you to concieve.

10. Okra for Male Infertility

  • Cut a okra in small pieces.
  • Soak in a glass of water lukewarm overnight.

In morning, filter and drink the water. Do it for 30 to 45 days.

11. Okra for quick release in men

Okra improves sexual health and increases the stamina. It treats quick release in men and helps men to last longer during action.

  • Add 5 to 10 grams of okra root powder in a glass of warm milk.
  • Put one tablespoon of Honey in it. Stir well.
  • Drink it every night for 3 to 4 weeks.

Second method for quick release:

  • Cut 3 to 4 fresh okra into small pieces.
  • Soak them in a glass of lukewarm water for a night.
  • Strain its water and drink it on an empty stomach. Have it daily for a month.

12. Okra for Kidney Stones

  • Soak 5-6 raw okra in 1 to 2 liters of lukewarm water for overnight.
  • Strain off this decoction in the morning.
  • Drink this mixture once a day.

13. Okra for Watery Semen

  • Take 2 to 3 okra and make a long cut in between.
  • Soak them in lukewarm water for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Strain the Water and have it every morning.

It increases the stamina and also good to treat quick release in men.


Always remember moderation is key. As you all know that too much of anything is bad. No matter the purpose for you using it.

Hope you liked our post on the health benefits of drinking okra water in the morning.

A glass of Okra water

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