Okra Water As A Natural Treatment For Diabetes

Okra water as a Natural treatment for Diabetes

Recently, some health researchers said that okra water is the “natural treatment for diabetes”. But, is okro water really a natural treatment for diabetes?

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After all, what is the science of okra? How can it help with blood glucose control?

The 4 Steps to Treating Diabetes Naturally

Okra (Hibiscus esculentos) has African origins and arrived in Brazil with slaves, establishing itself in Bahia through its use in caruru, a typical dish. It is currently also produced in São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

What you need to know is that, so far, okra water as a natural diabetes treatment has been successfully tested in rodents, but not yet in humans. The results, however, are promising.

Benefits of Okra water as a Natural Treatment for Diabetes

Okra water

In three subsequent studies, we see evidence that okra can help insulin function or even replace it.

It also slows glucose from entering the blood , the same effect as the medication acarbose (trade name Glicobay).

In 2005, the journal Planta Médica published a study carried out in Taiwan that tested okra in rats with diabetes.

The researchers purified a chemical called myricetin from okra.

They gave the rats the intravenous solution. Myricetin highly increased the ability of rodent muscles to absorb sugar, which, in turn reduced blood sugar levels.

The Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences published an Indian study in 2011 when researchers fed diabetic rats powdered okra seeds and bark extracts.

After 28 days of consuming the extracts, the rats showed a significant reduction in blood sugar levels.

Researchers have proven that an ancient drink, considered the oldest soft drink in the world, has properties capable of literally melting your body’s fat.

This drink has been most effective in people over 50 years old – see here which is this soda.

But the problem, as mentioned at the beginning, is that research has been done on animals in Asia.

There are many comments from health researchers and readers that “there is no concrete research” or “no clinical evidence” that okra helps.

Therefore, these commentators believed that no one should try to use this cheap food as an aid to diabetes treatment.

But, i don’t think that way.

Often, cheap treatments, we know, are not so prominent and that is why there is not much research and scientific reviews on the subject.

But it is a fact that science can leave out something really promising and revolutionary.

Without research on humans, I cannot indicate that you use okra water as the only alternative to regress diabetes.

But its use, without abandoning medical treatment, is not harmful.

Quite the opposite.

Here are some known benefits of okra:

  • Helps reduce oxidative stress
    anti-stress action
  • Improves brain cognition
  • Helps in food digestion
  • Reduces hunger craving

How to use okra as an anti-diabetic?

You can cook it with okra, eat it raw, or dip it in water and then drink it.

Yes, friend, this water is powerful.

The way in which okra is used in water is much talked about today. And whoever uses it, has seen their blood sugar drop.

The Diabetes Self-Management website offers this recipe for making okra water:

Take two or four small pods, cut the ends, pierce or slice the sides and soak them overnight in 200 ml of water. Then take the pods and squeeze the goo into a new cup and add water to it. Take it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

If you try this, treat it like medicine. Take every day for at least four weeks. Do not jump. Keep records of your sugars and show them to your doctor.”

Before you go, just a warning: okra seems to potentiate the effect of metformin, just as it blocks glucose.

While there’s nothing published about causing hypoglycemia (low sugar), that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

So be careful if you are taking insulin and always consult your doctor, especially when it comes to reducing your medications.

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