How to flush out sperm from the body Naturally

How to flush out sperm from the body Naturally – 17 Ways

When sperm are inside a women’s body, they can live for up to 5 days after ejaculatory sex while waiting for the female egg. We all know not every sex is intended. But, as a lady, how can one flush out sperm from the body?

Most times sex are unintended and the male partner end up ejaculating inside the female. Unintended sex are also without prophylactic sheath (also know as condom).

Sometimes, even when you wear one, condom do break and semen (sperm) leaks into the vagina. Some ladies and guys prefer skin-to-skin with the hope of withdrawing before ejaculation.

But the fact is, the withdrawal method may not be reliable because, part of the semen may spilled into the female before withdrawal or the guy may totally forget and the rest they say is by gone.

And this is a problem to ladies especially when they are not in their safe period after intercourse. The fear of pregnancy is real.

For hygiene reasons or trying to prevent pregnancy, some people may wish to flush out sperm from the body after intercourse.

However, once semen enters the cervix through the vaginal tube, there is no scientifically proven way to remove it.

But, most ladies have devised local and not medically approved means of flushing out sperm from their bodies immediately after sex.

In this article, we look at how to flush out sperm from the body naturally after sexual intercourse and how effective this is in removing semen or sperm. We also discussed how to use contraception to prevent pregnancy.

How to flush out sperm from the body naturally

how to flush out sperm from the body naturally

Below are devised local, natural and not medically approved means of flushing out sperm from the body immediately after sex which most ladies use. They believe it works perfectly for them. Without lingering, let’s discuss it:

Herbs and herbal concoctions

While some ladies insert herbs deep inside their vagina in order to kill any spermatozoa deposited there, others take herbal concoctions.

Some combine both insertion and drinking of herbal concoctions for better results. There is this widespread believe that herbs help protect against sexual infections and helps getting sperm out of the body after sex.

Alcohol for emergency contraception

I met a lady who told me that she takes gulder, guiness stout (also know as beer), dry gin after sex to flush out sperm and infections from her body.

She said it has never failed her since she started using alcohol for emergency contraception since 2013. I don’t really know how this works for her.

Use of water

Some ladies immediately after sex, use water to douche in other to wash out spermatozoa from their bodies. Women douche with water as often as possible to ensure they wash out any remnant of sperm in their bodies. The water may salted, warm or plain. They also use this method to flush out sexually transmitted disease.

Use of lime

Aside from using lime as a vagina wash to make the vagina tight, ladies wash with lime after sex to wash out sperm from their bodies. They believe the nature of lime is acidic and toxic to sperm and it eliminates them. Lime is also used by some Nigerian ladies for termination of unwanted pregnancy and for vaginal yeast infections as well.

Use of urine and urination

This is a two in one method. Immediately after sex, some ladies rush to the bathroom to urinate, and at the same time collect their urine in a container, and use it to wash deep inside their vagina. By urinating, they believe they are peeing out the semen. Also, they believe the their hot and acidic urine will help eliminate the semen released into their bodies.

Alomo, zaazu, odogwu bitters

This is very common in Nigeria especially among women leaving in Southwestern Nigeria where these alcoholic herbs are popular. They take it immediately after intercourse believing it will flush out sperm from their bodies. Does it really work? No.

Use of negro pepper

Negro pepper is grown in the Western, Central and Southern African countries and in some dry lands. It is also called Uda Water.

It is Believed to be used as by our great grandmothers for emergency contraception before the advent of the modern contraceptive methods.

When prepared, drinking a glass or two glasses of uda water is believed to help getting sperm out of the body immediately after sex and it also help prevent pregnancy.

Cedar vinegar

The acetic acid is an active component in Vinegar which is effective for treatment of different diseases.

Ladies take cedar vinegar for several reasons starting from the treatment of vaginal yeast, vaginal odour, keloids, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, infection back pains, stomach upset and prevention of pregnancy. Some douche with it or drink it.

Use of salt

After sexual intercourse, some ladies use salt mix with water to douche. They believe it can flush out sperm from their body naturally, helps reduce vaginal odour, itching, candidiasis and other forms of vaginal infections. There is a quote that says “a cup of salt water after sex keeps pregnancy away”.

Use of alum

Alum is a chemical compound used for water purification. It is also called potash alum. Alum water is unconventionally used for vagina wash to remove vaginal odour and to flush out semen from the body. Also people believe the highly alkaline nature of alum water eliminates semen.

Use of andrew liver salt

Andrews liver salt

Andrews Liver Salt is a mild antacid that is commonly used for stomach problems such as; bloating ans indigestion. Andrews have found its way in the ladies list of emergency contraceptives.

So many Ladies believe it helps getting sperm out of the body even after 5 days of sex and also washes out sexually transmitted infections. How it works for pregnancy prevention still remains for controversial.

Mountain dew

Mountain dew is a carbonated soft drink. How it flushes out semen I don’t know but, some ladies believe it works because the Dew drink (which is a soda) contains plenty of caffeine, it helps kill sperm and prevents pregnancy if drank immediately after sex.


Ampiclox also called Beecham or Beecham ampiclox. This a drug that is in every sexually active lady’s hand bag nowadays. But, can ampiclox flush out sperm immediately? It is an antibiotic that is now been used as emergency contraception, and to flush out sperm with positive results.

Ampiclox is competing strongly with postinor-2. It is also believed to prevent pregnancy by Getting sperm out of the body if taken immediately after sex. The scientific prove for this is still not clear to me.


This is so funny! I know some ladies can do anything to wash out semen including weight lifting, jogging, yoga, abdominal exercises, kegel exercise, and vaginal exercises. If you like run a marathon will it work? No.

Does douching with coke flushes out sperm?

Capital NO! This is a myth but i know some ladies will argue with you that it works. But how? They believe douching with cola cola, pepsi cola or any other soda foams out stubborn spermatozoa and also save them from unwanted pregnancies.


Aside from using this antimalaria drug for abortion, ladies also belief, quinine flushes out sperm from their body. Quinine been an emergency contraceptive is very common among ladies especially in Nigeria.

Postinor-1 (morning after pill)

Postinor-1 is an effective and medically approved emergency contraceptive. It is also called morning after pill. It is hormonal and 95 percent effective when taken immediately after sex.

Postinor-1 prevents ovulation and thickens cervical mucus, preventing semen from passing through. Some ladies have this strong belief that Postinor-1 works by flushing out spermatozoa. The mechanism of action still remains unclear to me, but it really work and it prevents pregnancy.

Now, that we have read about how to flush out sperm from the body naturally, let’s look at how it is effective.

Is it effective?

There is little scientifically prove to show that these are effective ways of flushing sperm from the body.

Some people claim that using urine or urinating, exercise, alum, or using salt etc. May remove semen from the vagina after sex.

However, once semen has entered the cervix, there is no scientifically prove to show that these methods above can remove it. Apart from using Postinor-1.

In addition, these methods above introduces infections into your reproductive tract.

If someone is attempting to getting sperm out of the body after sex to prevent pregnancy, they should contact a doctor. The doctor may be able to prescribe emergency contraception, such as Postinor-1. It works effectively by stopping the ovary from releasing an egg.

Please note that: Postinor-1 can only prevent you from becoming pregnant if you take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex.


To all women engaging in birth control desist from using any drug or family planning. Take Postinor-1 to flush sperm after sexual intercourse if you know that your not safe. Postinor-1 is thought to work by:

  • Stopping your ovaries from releasing an egg;
  • Preventing sperm from fertilising any egg you may have already released.

Postinor-1 can only prevent you from becoming pregnant if you take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

If someone is trying to flush out sperm from the vagina to avoid becoming pregnant, they should contact their doctor and discuss the contraceptive method which might be best for them.

The doctor may be able to prescribe emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.


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What can I use to flush out sperm from my body?

  1. Postinor-1 can only prevent you from becoming pregnant if you take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex.
  2. You can also use unscented soap and warm water. This way is not effective. Although, there are also very effective modern birth control methods that works which you need to be familiar with.

flush out sperm from the body

We hope this article helped you learn how to flush out sperm from the body naturally – 17 ways. You may also want to learn How To Flush Out Period Blood: 5 Simple Tips To Remove Menstrual Blood Stain, or check out our Women’s health category.

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