Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Did You Know that drinking water, first thing in the morning has a lot of therapeutic effects for a multitude of health conditions?Water plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy and fit.

A human body is made up of 50-60% water. Water protects vital organs and tissues, carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, lubricates the joints, helps dissolve nutrients and minerals to make them accessible to the body, and regulates body temperature.

Your body craves for water when you wake up in the morning and drinking 2-3 glasses of water as soon as you get up can rejuvenate you and your health in more ways than you can imagine.

Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Here are some benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning:

It keeps your gut healthy

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in correcting bowel movement, which may prevent constipation, bad digestion and intestinal infections.

It rehydrates your body

When you wake up after a sleep marathon, your body will be dehydrated. Water keeps your body hydrated which is really important for proper functioning of internal organs of your body.

Fights infections

The body has its own immune system which helps in fighting against many infections and bad cells. Drinking water on an empty stomach increases the body’s efficiency to fight against infections.

Relieves headache

The human brain is made up of 85% of water. So, if there is absence of enough water in the brain, it can lead to serious headaches. You can drink water in the morning to stop these aches.

Ease menstrual pain

Every month, women suffer from cramps which can sometimes be unbearable. Drinking water (warm water) helps to reduce the pain.

Get rid of toxins

Water can assist in flushing toxins (a toxin is anything that damages the body) out of your body. This is because while you are asleep your body cleans itself, restores lost energy and balances hormones. After the clean up, toxins and other waste materials will be released and wait to be flushed out. So, to clear these toxins, you should drink water in the morning.

Reduces arthritis

Your joints are filled out with fluids that can increase or decrease depending on your water intake. This fluid also reduces due to tough activities and ageing. Drinking water in the morning helps your body to restore fluid so that your joint can move freely.

Tackles kidney stones

A kidney stone is a hard, crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney or urinary tract. Kidney stones are a common cause of blood in the urine and often severe pain in the abdomen. You can tackle kidney stone by drinking lots of water, especially in the morning.

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Drinking or Gulping water after you wake up in the morning is absolutely refreshing and makes you feel good!!!

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