How To Tighten Your Virginia With Ice Cubes

How To Tighten Your Virginia With Ice Cubes– The Truth And Myth.

How to tighten your virginia with ice cubes. How do one use ice cubes to tighten the vagina? If this is your question, then you are on the right page.

Tight vagina is very important for a woman. For tissue elimination, you can use some remedies to tighten the virginia muscles quickly.

The vagina loses its tightness when you have a sexually active life. It keeps getting loose and in that scenario, it can affect the relationships between couples.

But does ice cubes really work? Can ice cubes tighten the virgina?

According to report, ice cubes contains freezing properties of tightening your vigina for few hours. This can have a positive effect on the vaginal muscles and mucosa. Although, the result is only for few hours and never long lasting (your virginia will return to normal or loose again).

Moreover, it is no longer new that many ladies use ice cubes or chilled refrigerated water as a remedy for vaginal problems especially when it has to do with tightening and yeast infection.

Apart from using ice cubes to tighten virginia, there are other remedies that are safe to use and can dispose of different problems identified with the genital area, which is a vaginal odor, an excess of white vaginal discharge.

In today’s post we bring you interesting information how to tighten your virginia with ice cubes.

What’s an ice cubes?

how to tighten your virginia with ice cubes

Ice cube also known as ice block is produced with potable water, passing through micro filtration. Cube ice production machines are located in a completely closed environment, free of any type of contaminating agents.

There are several other ways this ice cubes are utilized – but in this post, we’ll look at how to tighten your virginia with ice cubes, the most important of all.

How does vaginal tightening work?

In aesthetic medicine, the back wall of the vagina is most often tightened and plasticized. The back wall of the vagina and the front wall of the rectum have a common wall. This wall is stretched and sagging in some women and needs to be strengthened to normalize sex life. To do this, the surgeon loosens the lining of the posterior vaginal wall and harvests the healthy connective tissue underneath, creating a tight posterior vaginal wall. The mucosa is then sutured back together. The entrance to the vagina is also tightened slightly, but this procedure alone is not enough.

How to tighten your virginia with ice cube

How to use ice cube to tighten your virginia? Using ice cube for virginia tightening is usually done in the form of a natural douche or ice cube virginia wash. Which practically has to do with freezing or cooling your vigina with ice cubes. Most ladies usually put the ice inside their virginia.

According to report, ice cubes is said to improve the tightness of the virginia when inserted. But it is not recommended medically to tighten your Virginia with ice.

Infact, inserting ice cubes inside your vagina will cause you troubles by making you prone to yeast infection, toilet infection and bacterial vaginosis.

Are there negative effects? (vagina ph and Ice ph)

The ice cube has its Ph levels, which is about pH = 7.0 at room temperature, pH = 6.1 at 100 °C, and pH = 7.5 at 0 °C, and the vagina also has its own natural different Ph levels.

As a matter of fact, there doesn’t seem to be any scientifically proven positive effect to using ice to tighten your vigina, but there are possibilities of some negative effects.

Additionally, applying ice to your virginia, can completely interrupt the vagina’s natural acidity which can result to a bacterial vaginosis or introduce all kinds of other bacteria infection into the genital area.


Are there other methods to tighten vagina?

In today’s aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, there are always new methods, all of which are recommended on the Internet with identical advertisements as “new methods of vaginal tightening”.

Vaginal tightening with threads, hyaluronic, autologous fat and laser

So that the practitioner can clearly see your goals, we have tabulated the most important treatment goals below:

Treatment goal Method  Effect
Real vaginal tightening Plastic surgical tightening of the vagina A very wide vagina can be reconstructed as desired
Slight vaginal narrowing due to increased volume Autologous fat, hyaluronic acid slight narrowing of the vagina due to circular thickening of the vaginal walls
Improvement of vaginal moisture CO2 laser female lifting or HIFU ultrasound treatment No narrowing of the vagina, only regeneration of the mucous membrane and thus more moisture in the vagina


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Does ice cube treat infection?

Since you know that inserting ice inside the body makes you prone to yeast infection, toilet infection and bacterial vaginosis. It is critical that you comprehend the best way to go about it i suggest that you visit your gynecologist.

What is the fastest and safest way to tighten your Virginia without undergoing surgery?

Ultimately, kegel exercises has shown to be the fastest and safest way to tighten your Virginia, and there are also potentials of some positive effects.

The exercises themselves consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles of the vagina.

To do the exercises correctly, you need to squeeze your vagina in and up, count to 5 and relax. The effect is as great as the more times you do the exercises.

Still, one should not overdo the exercises the first few times, so as not to get intimate muscle fever.

The good thing is that you are not limited by any equipment and you can do your workouts anywhere while you are working, while you are waiting for the bus and even while you are cooking.

For sure, after about a week of training, you will please not only yourself, but also your partner with the unexperienced pleasure, according to experts.

The exercises are also suitable for pregnant women, as their regular performance prepares the birth canal before birth, as well as for women who have just given birth to restore the elasticity of their genitals.

Although the normal way of exercising by tightening the muscles is best, there are also vaginal enhancement devices available on the market. Several types of training equipment are sold in specialized shops.


How to tighten your virginia with ice cubes? It is not recommended medically to put ice cubes inside your vagina for tightening. As a matter of fact, Inserting ice inside the body makes you prone to yeast infection, toilet infection and bacterial vaginosis.

how to tighten your virginia with ice cubes

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