7 Ways to Consume Safe and Healthy Olive Oil for Food

7 Ways to Consume Safe and Healthy Olive Oil for Food

Olive oil is well known for its health benefits for the skin and body. There are many benefits of olive oil that can be obtained, especially when used as a body care product.

Not only that, friends can also use olive oil for direct consumption or mixed as a processed ingredient for everyday food.

The way to consume olive oil is to add it to your daily food to make it healthier. There are many ways that friends can do to get the benefits of olive oil. Here’s how friends can benefit from the content of olive oil by mixing it with food.

7 Ways to Consume Safe and Healthy Olive Oil for Food

Olive Oil


The most practical use of olive oil is to use it as a substitute for vegetable oil. One of them is when using it for stir-frying. Usually, friends can use refined olive oil for sautéing healthier vegetables. Besides being healthier, friends can also make stir-fry with a delicious and appetizing aroma.

Cooking pasta

Processed olive oil will also add to the delicious taste of pasta that is made daily. Not a stranger anymore, olive oil can add a delicious taste to aglio olio. 

However, you can also sauté the pasta seasoning using olive oil. The aroma of olive oil and spices will appear sharper, thus adding to the strong taste of the pasta.


Not much different from using oil or margarine, olive oil can also be used for baking. Usually, olive oil is used as a mixture of baked rice, especially animal food ingredients.

The aroma of olive oil mixed with tuna, smoked beef, chicken, beef and goat will taste delicious. Processed meat products can be more delicious because the aroma of olive oil also helps eliminate the fishy smell.

Dressing salad

Friends may already be familiar with the use of olive oil which is used to make salads. Sauces or salad dressings with olive oil are also much liked by many people.

Instead, use extra virgin olive oil to make delicious salad dressings. Simply add a squeeze of lemon, oregano, and garlic to add a fresh taste to the salad.

Soup mix

If friends often make soup from vegetables, the addition of olive oil can give a delicious taste of vegetable fat.

Friends can make soup from tomatoes or mushrooms and process it into a family favorite menu. To add flavor, olive oil is also often added to vegetable soups. When enjoyed hot, the aroma will be addictive.

Oatmeal mix

When on a special diet, some people will replace carbohydrates with oatmeal. For some people, eating oatmeal may be a new thing. There are also those who are not familiar with the smell of cooked oatmeal. Well, the addition of olive oil can be one of the right alternatives to add a delicious aroma, you know!

Drink directly

The most practical alternative to consuming olive oil is to  drink it directly. Yes, extra virgin olive oil can be consumed directly every day with a dose of 1-2 tablespoons. Drinking olive oil directly can also maintain the beneficial content of olive oil received by the body as a whole so that it can activate the anti-inflammatory function.

So, friends can enjoy the benefits of olive oil in a variety of different ways. Not only can it be processed and added to various types of food, friends can also drink it directly. Either way, olive oil will bring benefits and good nutrition for the health of the body, especially for the prevention of dangerous diseases.

7 Ways to Consume Safe and Healthy Olive Oil for Food

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