12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly
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12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

A newly married couple certainly wants to have a baby soon to complete their household life.

12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

For a wife, being able to get pregnant quickly after marriage is an infinite happiness. So anything is done to get pregnant soon.

12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

Here are powerful ways you can do to get pregnant quickly from various sources:

1. Knowing Fertile Time

The way to make the first child that is considered effective is to recognize the partner’s fertile period. This is very easy to do as a way of knowing when a woman’s fertile period is from her menstrual schedule.

Having sex during the fertile period will provide a great opportunity to get pregnant quickly. A woman’s fertile period is around 2 to 5 days before ovuasi occurs. According to report, that the best time is 2 days before ovulation and 12 to 16 days before menstruation.

Sperm that enter a woman’s body can live up to 5 days in cervical mucus, then the egg can survive for about 24 hours after ovulation.

2. Recognizing the Time of Ovulation Signs

The next easy way to get pregnant is by recognizing the signs of ovulation. As a couple, it’s best to remind each other and know from the results of the ovulation calculator as an estimated sign of ovulation occurring. Still from the same quote, here are the signs to recognize ovulation:

Body temperature

Check your body temperature when you first wake up in the morning. The results of the thermometer, if you ovulate, your body temperature will rise little by little until the day of your period.

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Recognize the next sign of ovulation by paying attention to the condition of the cervical mucus that comes out, because this mucus is influenced by hormones that control the menstrual cycle.
During the fertile period or before ovulation occurs, a woman’s cervical mucus becomes wetter and slippery like egg white. This is the right time for you and your partner to make love so you can have a baby soon.

3. Pay attention to the frequency of making love

12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

The next way to make a powerful child is by paying attention to the frequency of making love or having sex. During your fertile period, you and your partner should have intercourse every day or 4 times a week.

4. Doing a Variety of Sex Positions

Next, do a variety of sex positions. In addition to adding harmony and romantic lovemaking, sex will be more meaningful. 

Most Common Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Quickly

Missionary Style

Missionary style is done by positioning the woman lying on her back under the man. Then the husband penetrates by inserting the penis into the wife’s vagina from the top of the body to the bottom.

Doggy Styles

The second sex position that you and your partner can do is doggy style. The first step with the husband who penetrated from behind the woman’s body. Can be done standing or kneeling.

The results of studies by scientists, by doing scans or scans to see what happens in the body when using the two sex positions above. Scans show that both positions do provide an opportunity for deeper penetration.

The distance between the sperm and the uterus is getting closer, so the chances of getting pregnant are greater. Even though you can’t guarantee 100 percent, you can try it as an effective way to get pregnant quickly.

5. Make Sure You Reach Orgasm

According to report, women who reach orgasm will help sperm move from the cervix to the fallopian tubes, because the uterus contracts optimally to accept sperm fertilization.

The orgasm that a woman achieves will push sperm towards the fallopian tubes to meet the egg immediately, and make woman more sleepy. When the wife falls asleep, it means that she lies down longer and is good at conceiving.

6. Stay Lying and Supine After Making Love

After finishing making love, women should still lie down and on their backs. After having sex, stay on your back with your thighs higher than your stomach.

It would be even better if supported by a pillow placed under your thighs, about 10 to 15 minutes after doing the right sex position. The supportive position of the pillow will help the sperm cells to swim in the right direction and meet the egg.

7. Recognizing Contractions in the Uterus

Recognizing contractions in the uterus, of course, has a more important role than orgasm. Contractions in the uterus will greatly assist sperm in reaching the egg. Uterine contractions can occur both with orgasm and without.

8. Make Love Regularly at the Right Time

As previously mentioned, during the fertile period it should be a place to have regular sex.

According to research, from the results of a journal published by Fertility and Sterility. The research shows that sperm quality will be better if it has been collected for 2 to 3 days.

Having sex every day is considered good, as long as you don’t force yourself. This method is very safe for young couples, but for those of you who are over the age of 35, you should still consult a doctor first.

9. Healthy lifestyles

How to get pregnant quickly can also be by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both through exercise and maintaining a diet. Reducing bad habits in order to maintain a healthy body and reproductive system will get you pregnant quickly.

10. Maintain an Ideal Weight

A powerful way that you and your partner can do by maintaining an ideal body weight. Because obesity is one of the triggers for the lack of successful pregnancy. Maintaining the consumption of nutritious foods and exercising together needs to be done.

12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

11. Avoid Stress

According to report, peace of mind and always being positive will keep the body healthy inside and out.

Doing yoga together will certainly improve the mood and be more romantic. Avoid feeling worried and always feel guilty because you haven’t received the trust of your baby.


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12. Lots of Folic Acid Consumption

Consuming a lot of folic acid can help you get pregnant quickly. Milk and vegetables that contain folic acid are also good for men to drink.

According to study, folic acid for women is certainly very good for fetal development and reproductive health.

Those are some powerful ways you can do to get pregnant quickly that you and your partner can do. Good luck.

12 Powerful Ways You Can Do To Get Pregnant Quickly

We hope this article helped you learn 12 powerful ways you can do to get pregnant quickly. You may also want to learn How to calculate the Pregnancy weeks, or check out our Pregnancy category.

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