How To Calculate Ovulation
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How To Calculate Ovulation

In each monthly cycle, there is only one interval during which a woman can become pregnant.

Using this information, you can both avoid an unwanted pregnancy and bring the long-awaited motherhood closer.

How To Calculate Ovulation
information about ovulation

To do this, you need to calculate ovulation (the time of maturation and release of a female germ cell) by one of the existing methods and follow the resulting schedule.

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General information about ovulation

Ovulation is the process in which a mature and fully ready female germ cell leaves the ovary and enters the lumen of the fallopian tube (cavity connecting the vagina and uterus).

After ovulation, the cell is capable of conception within 12-24 hours, and it is during this period that there is a maximum probability of conception.

The day before ovulation, the possibility of conception is approximately 31%, 2 days before ovulation – 27%, 3-4 days – 16-14%.

Thus, conception 6 days before ovulation and the day after it is almost impossible or extremely unlikely.

Under the influence of female hormones, ovulation occurs between the 14th and 16th day of the monthly cycle.

That is, in order to approximately calculate ovulation, you need to either add 14 days to the day of menstruation, or subtract them from the estimated day of the next cycle.

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How to calculate ovulation using a calculator
ovulation using a calculator

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How to calculate ovulation by basal temperature
ovulation by basal temperature

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Calculation of ovulation by test strips
test strips

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Determination of the day of ovulation by sensations and secretions
ovulation by sensations and secretions

How To Calculate Ovulation

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