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11 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Siam Weed


Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) widely known as Awolowo Leaves also called Independence leave is a flowering herb with health benefits which are mostly unknown to mankind as a result of lack of information about this miraculous shrub and they belong to the family of sunflower.

This plant was discovered in Nigeria shortly after our Independence(1960) from the colonial reign. Some persons said maybe it was one of God’s way to heal and relieve our pains as a Nation, but I believe it was an awesome coincidence.

The fact still remains that “The Siam Weed”. Botanical name: Chromolaena odorata Chromolaena odorata (Siam Weed), is an effective clotting agent as well as a wound healer. The herb is very invasive with an incredible healing powers and can sometimes be classified as a weed due to the rate at which it grows.

In favourable conditions the Siam Weed (Awolowo leave) can grow more than 3cm per day (it grows like a grass, making it a potential threat to our crops).

Description of Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) – Awolowo LEAVES

  • The plant is hairy and smells like alcohol when squeezed


  • The flowers are white and forms at the end of it’s branches
  • It has small leaves, somehow triangular in shape with serated edges


  • It is a shrub, with soft stems and woody base

For so many people, maybe including you, will not be familiar with the name of this leaves. Different than when you see other leaves like cengkir mango. Besides, there are several other names for Siam Weed aside from chromolaena odorata. This healing miraculous plant is actually one of the weeds plants that comes from the Asteraceae family.

Characteristics of Siam Weed

1. The Siam Weed comes in the shape of oval and jagged on the edges.

2. The leaves have a rather rough texture, different than the other types of leaves.

3. The leaves will have flowers at first and will bloom flowers on every summer season.

4. Awolowo can be found on the height between 1000 to 2800 above the ocean level. But, it is a different case in the Asian region. In Indonesia especially, chromolaena odorata as opposite can be found in lowland from 500 above the sea level.

5. The plenty of sunlight will contribute to the fast growth of this plant, therefore, the plant will be most-likely slow to grow when it doesn’t get enough light. The rapid growth of this healing plant can potentially reduce cultivation plants and cost the farmers.

However, It is not surprising that the chromolaena odorata plant usually gets thrown away. But, not everyone knows that the this plant can actually render some health benefits in the farming sphere. Below are the nutritional content of Siam Weed:

Nutritional Content In Siam Weed

Siam Weed Leaves

Awolowo Leaves contain the following nutrients:

  • Tannin
  • Flavonoid
  • Limonen
  • Phenol
  • Alkaloids
  • Triterpenoid

Based on the nutrition contents as mentioned above, this plant then can give benefits to not only farming but also the body’s health. Chromolaena odorata is usually used as traditional herb medicines by most people. This has been practiced years back, where people only knew physician and mid-wife. As a result of its effectiveness to cure various kinds of disease, In the olden days, people used to plant and grow this leaves a lot.

Siam Weed is also known as:

Botanical Name

  • Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M. King & H. Rob.

Common Name

  • Siam weed

Other Botanical Names

  • Eupatorium conyzoides Vahl (1794)
  • Eupatorium odoratum L. (1759)
  • Osmia odorata (L.) Schultz-Bip.

International Common Names


  • Archangel
  • Bitterbush
  • Christmas bush
  • Chromolaena
  • Chromolaena
  • Siamweed


  • Chimuyo
  • Crucito
  • Eupatorio oloroso
  • Hierba de chiva
  • Paleca
  • Rey del todo


  • Eupatoire odorante
  • Fleurit-Noël
  • Herbe du Laos


  • Ewe Akintola

Igbo Name

  • Aju mbaise


Below are the Health benefits of Chromolaena Odorata leaves:

Benefits of Siam WEED (Chromolaena Odorata) Awolowo Leaves

Although, as the time goes by, most people began to know pharmaceutical drugs and doctors. The chromolaena odorata then started to get neglected and considered as weeds plants. For those of you who actually want to know the health benefits of chromolaena odorata, below are the full explanations of them.

1. Ulcer Medicine

This healing plant can help when your ulcer is relapsing, it is also believed to be able to cure your ulcer if consumed regularly.

2. Reduces the Cholesterol Level

For those of you who want to reduce the cholesterol level in your body system. Drink the brewed water of awolowo leave when your cholesterol level is increasing or after eating seafood.

3. Uric Acid Medicine

The awolowo leave can also be used as the medicine for uric acid.

4. Maintain the Health of Reproducing Organ in Women

The health of the Reproducing organs is one very important area that one need to be aware of. In other to maintain the health of it, you can drink the Awolowo brewed water.

5. Help Prevent Diabetes

Aside from being able to maintain the health of reproduction organ in women, the Awolowo leaves can also prevent diabetes.

6. Vertigo Medicine

Vertigo is one of the diseases that cannot be overlooked. Not only can this dangerous disease send you to hospital, but it can also cause death. You can cure the disease by drinking the Awolowo brewed water when your Vertigo is relapsing.

7. Effective Cyst Medicine

There are many health benefits of Awolowo leaves. The Awolowo leaves are very useful for those of you who want to cure cyst effectively.

8. Reduces the Blood Pressure

Not only that it can reduce the cholesterol level, the Awolowo leaves are also capable to lower your high blood pressure. This is especially useful for those of you who have high blood pressure.

9. Pain Reliever

Taking half glass cup in the morning and before bedtime for 7 days, will definitely relieve anyone from body/back pain.

10. Prevent Cervical Cancer

The Cervical cancer is one of the diseases that is very dangerous for women. To abstain from developing this dangerous disease, you can drink the Awolowo tea.

11. Maintaining Heart’s Health

It is crucial for us to maintain the health of our heart to ensure that it can always work well. To avoid the diseases that are associated to heart, you can drink the Awolowo leaves.

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