Apple Juice Does it Really Make Your Pee Pee Bigger Check All Details Here

Apple Juice: Does it Really Make Your Pee Pee Bigger? Check All Details Here!

Does apple juice make your pee pee bigger? Some men may want a bigger penis size to satisfy their partner in bed. In fact, a woman’s sexual satisfaction is not only obtained from a large penis size.

Even so, penis size remains a major sexual issue for men.

Currently, the media and the film and pornography industry spread the idea of ​​a large penis as a symbol of masculinity, which makes men more “attentive” to the size of their sexual organ.

Therefore, some men are willing to do anything to increase the size of their penis.

Starting from special therapy, taking medicine or taking traditional herbal medicine. Recently, drinking apple juice is also believed to help increase penis size.

Although many ways can be tried, the myth is that apple juice can make the size of the male sex organs bigger. Does apple juice make your pee pee bigger, Is this really true?

Continue reading to find out Is it true that apple juice can increase penis size?

What is apple juice 

Apple Juice

Apple juice is a juice made from apples. It does contain various vitamins, sugars and polyphenols which can help boost immunity. Therefore, drinking it can make the body healthier.

What is Penis Enlargement (Pee Pee Bigger) – Does it Really Work? 

Penis enlargement surgery is the generic name given to the set of techniques used to increase the dimensions of the visible part of the penis in length, width or both. It is also called penoplasty.

Yes. Penis enlargement surgery actually works. Concern about the size of the male sexual organ is far from recent and there are a number of stereotypes that associate penis size with virility, dominance and power.

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is NO. Regularly drinking apple juice will not help increase penis size, even by 1 inch.

Supplements and vitamins will not help much to change the structure or size of the penis. It’s just that drinking apple juice might make you go to the bathroom more often.

However, that doesn’t stop people trying to use thirst quenching juices to do so.

Not without reason, apple juice is mostly composed of sugar and polyphenols, namely micronutrients that occur naturally in plants.

Ultimately, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that anything you eat or drink will directly affect penis size, including apple juice.

However, some research shows that consuming apple cider vinegar instead of the apple juice itself, can help with reproductive health and cure erectile dysfunction.

Managing other conditions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help improve blood flow.

Conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity affect the ability to get an erection.

According to report, regularly drinking apple cider vinegar can help manage some of these symptoms by helping patients lose weight and reduce their blood sugar.

Add a teaspoon or two to warm or cold water and sip daily.

What Are the Best Method To Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

What Are the Best Method To Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Many pills and creams promise to boost your pack using herbs, hormones and vitamins, but they lack scientific proof.

Penis extenders are a natural method of increasing the size, length and girth of the male body. But users need to be patient – ​​it takes at least six months to see results. You can use it while doing everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and even sleeping!

A vacuum device is also a short-term option that changes the appearance of your penis by using a pump to draw blood into the penis, causing it to swell and appear larger. But be careful, excessive use can cause damage to the penile tissue which can lead to weaker erections.

Another non-surgical method by placing your penis upside down for 4 hours every day for 6 months.

This method will slowly increase the amount of stretching or changing the size of the penis you want to achieve.

In a study, scientists found that this method can increase the size of a man’s penis by about 0.67 inches over 6 months.

If you can’t do it for 4 hours every day to stretch your penis, you can choose the surgical method.

A Surgical methods such as phalloplasty are performed by taking fat from other parts of the body and injecting it into the shaft of the penis to increase its size.

There is also a way to inject silicone discs in the shape of the moon. That will help increase the size of the shaft of the penis.

This operation is usually highly recommended for men who have a micropenis, which is a penis measuring under 2.57 inches when erect.


Does apple juice make your pee pee bigger? NO. It does not, consumption apple juice will not help increase penis size, even by 1 inch.

In addition, there are no juices or drinks or any food that can make your pee pee bigger. There is a lot of great information in the public about effective methods of increasing penis size, including:

  1. Magnifying vacuum
  2. Pills and creams
  3. Jelqing
  4. Extender
  5. Zoom operation
  6. Extend operation
  7. Liposuction

There is no completely safe method to make your pee pee bigger. So, instead of endangering the penis with the methods above, you should do the following:

  1. Communicate with your partner about the problems or obstacles you are facing
  2. Shaving pubic hair can make your penis look bigger
  3. Get rid of a bloated stomach
  4. Consult with a specialist doctor such as an andrologist or urologist

Moreover, there are indeed several types of food that are good for the health of the male sex organs, although their benefits are still being debated, including:

  1. Foods with high antioxidants: carrots, grapes, broccoli, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, beans.
  2. Foods containing folic acid: Folic acid is another name for vitamin B9. Examples of foods that are high in folic acid include green vegetables, cereals, nuts, lemons, oranges and limes.
  3. Foods rich in zinc: Food sources include oysters, crabs, lobsters, beef and chicken.
  4. Foods containing selenium: Based on research, consumption of foods containing selenium can stimulate the body to produce healthy sperm. Food sources include tuna, sardines, shrimp, beef, beef liver, chicken, brown rice, eggs, spinach and oatmeal.

Readers Questions 

Does apple juice make your pee pee bigger?

There is little scientific support for non-surgical methods of “penis enlargement”, meaning that drinking apple juice (or taking a questionable pill) is not the way to make your penis bigger.

Is it okay to drink apple juice every day?

People who drink apple juice regularly are said to be fit and healthy. Regular juice consumption also helps prevent hardening of the arteries, which ensures smooth blood flow to the heart. Apple juice is also said to be helpful in managing cholesterol levels.

Is apple juice dehydrating you?

Fruit juice is about 85% water, which makes it super hydrating (just make sure to choose 100% fruit juice). The vitamins contained in natural fruits are also healthy. Be aware of sugar content, however, as juices can be packed with added sugars, which can inhibit hydration.

Can you be allergic to juice?

You may have an allergic reaction to fresh fruit and citrus juice or peels. Keep reading to learn more about the causes of a citrus allergy and citrus allergy symptoms.

Is diluted apple juice good for diarrhea?

They concluded: “In many high-income countries, the use of diluted apple juice and preferred fluids as needed may be an appropriate alternative to electrolyte maintenance fluids in children with mild gastroenteritis and dehydration. minimal.”

Is apple juice good for your kidneys?

Apples contain a fiber called pectin that has a few key health benefits, specifically for the kidneys. Pectin reduces certain risk factors for kidney damage, such as high cholesterol and blood sugar. And, as a bonus, they’re a healthy way to curb a sugar craving.

Can apples cause diarrhea?

Apples. The teacher’s favorite dish contains sorbitol, a sugar found naturally in many fruits. Some people’s bodies cannot absorb it properly, resulting in gas and bloating. It can cause diarrhea, especially in children.

Why is apple juice not good for you?

A few reasons to limit your consumption.

There is also a significant amount of sugar in apple juice. An eight-ounce glass of 100% apple juice contains 24 grams of sugar. (FYI: The American Heart Association recommends that women limit their sugar intake to 25g per day and men to 36g.)

Apple Juice: Does it Really Make Your Pee Pee Bigger? Check All Details Here!

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