Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids
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Drinking Hot Water: Can It Really Shrink Fibroids? Check All Details Here!

Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids for real? Uterine fibroids is quite a growing subject that is very common among women. Most often, women from 30 to 45 years old suffer from it.

In the early stages, effective treatment of uterine fibroids with folk remedies. This is confirmed by both patients and doctors. At later stages, doctors recommend including non-traditional methods of treatment as part of complex therapy.

If you’re wondering, can drinking hot water shrink fibroids? You’re in the right page.

In my health my skin (mhms), we tell you everything you need to know about fibroids and treatment.

I’ve done the research from top to bottom and i’ve got good news (and the bad news). We also give you medically recommended tips on the most effective treatment for fibroids, how to get rid of fibroids without surgery, what to do to remove fibroids naturally, etc.

Keep reading till the end to find out if, drinking hot water shrink fibroids and for more important information.


What is fibroids?

Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids

Fibroids is a neoplasm from the muscular layer of the body of the uterus, i.e. myometrium. This benign tumor of a woman’s reproductive organs is the most common, occurring in women after 35 years of age in 25-30% of cases. However, today the disease is increasingly being diagnosed at an earlier age.

What does a fibroid look like?

Fibroids develop from tissue in the myometrium and can affect different parts of the uterus. They are nodules of myometrial tissue with a firm consistency and a whitish appearance that can develop in different places, and may affect the endometrium and perimetrium.

What causes fibroids?

Fibroids can develop from many factors. The most common include:

  • Damaged uterine walls, as a result of abortion, use of low-quality contraceptive spirals;
  • STDs;
  • Gynecological pathologies;
  • Destabilization of the hormonal background;
  • Overweight;
  • Frequent stresses.

What are severe symptoms of fibroids?

It is important for every woman to know the first signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids. Treatment of the disease is most effective from its initial stages. The outcome of therapy depends on how timely the diagnosis is.

Uterine fibroids are characterized by different symptoms depending on the size and location of the nodes, the duration of the tumor process, and accompanying pathologies.

In many patients, fibroids develop latently, without being detected, until the moment of accidental detection on ultrasound, for example. However, much more often such neoplasms have typical symptoms:

  • Soreness in the area of ​​the uterus, which bothers a woman during menstruation, as well as between them.
  • Pain is given to the perineum or lower back. Their intensity can be different. Some patients complain of sharp painful spasms, others compare them to menstrual cramps.
  • Disruptions of the menstrual cycle are manifested by an increase in the duration of menstruation with significant blood loss, bleeding between cycles.
  • Difficulties with fertilization, due to the fact that the formation prevents the penetration of spermatozoa and the release of eggs.
  • A fast-growing tumor leads to an increase in the abdomen, although the patient’s weight increases slightly.
  • After stress or excessive physical activity, pain in patients with myomatous processes increases.
  • Constipation and difficulty urinating appear. Due to severe blood loss, women develop anemia, which is characterized by weakness, pale skin, rapid fatigue, dizziness, and chronic fatigue.

With the appearance of such signs, you should not delay a visit to the doctor, it is necessary to undergo a full examination to establish an accurate diagnosis and start treatment.

Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids?

Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is No. You can’t shrink fibroids by drinking hot water.

Infact, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that anything you eat or drink will directly shrink fibroids including hot water.

However, there are things you can do that may help you feel better. When uterine fibroids grow on the surface of the uterus, you may become aware of the fullness in your abdomen. According to WebMD, If it helps, you can lie down and put a hot pack or hot water bottle on your lower belly several times a day to ease the pain.

How does your stomach look like when you have fibroids?

The abdomen for fibroids can look different depending on the size and location of the tumor. In some women, it may be slightly enlarged, and in others it may have a shape reminiscent of a pregnant belly. Small fibroids do not affect the change in appearance.

What fibroid size can prevent pregnancy?

The size of the fibroid is determined by ultrasound in centimeters, millimeters or weeks. The growth of the tumor causes the uterus to enlarge, as it does during pregnancy.

  • Uterine myoma of small sizes up to 2 cm corresponds to 4-5 weeks;
  • Fibroid of medium size from 2 to 6 cm corresponds to the term from 4 to 11 weeks;
  • A large fibroid of more than 6 cm corresponds to a term of 12 or more weeks.

Can you get pregnant with a 6 cm fibroid?

It is possible and many women become pregnant with various forms of fibroids, and at the same time successfully pass the period of bearing and giving birth to a child. However, pregnancy with fibroids is always a risk, so in such cases, a more intensive schedule of examinations (including ultrasound) is used to monitor prenatal development and the general state of health of the expectant mother.

If fibroids are detected before pregnancy, the gynecologist, depending on the shape and localization of the tumor, will offer one of the options for treating the pathology, including mini-invasive organ-sparing surgery. After treatment, it will be possible to plan a pregnancy through natural or artificial insemination.

What is the most effective fibroids treatment?

In most cases, symptomatic fibroids are treated with hormonal drugs, ultrasound therapy, surgery, and other treatment methods. Medicines help shrink fibroids or relieve symptoms. Surgery may include removal of only the fibroid or the entire uterus.

Some treatments your doctor may recommend include:

  • Hormonal drugs
  • Progestin-releasing intrauterine device (IUD).
  • MRI-oriented ultrasound surgery
  • Uterine artery embolization, which works by blocking the blood supply to the fibroid and the uterus
  • Myolysis, which is removal by radio frequency waves
  • cryomyolysis, with the help of which fibroids are removed by freezing
  • Myometomy, which is an operation to remove only the fibroid
  • A hysterectomy, which surgically removes your uterus.

What organs do fibroids affect?

Depending on the size of the fibroids, the greater the chances that they will cause a feeling of pelvic pressure (“pain in the bottom of the belly”) or fullness in the abdomen, similar to the perception of early pregnancy. 

How can i get rid of my fibroids without surgery?

Physiotherapy procedures – prescribed in combination with medicines to restore the balance of hormones and increase the general tone of the body: electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, balneotherapy (radon, iodine-bromine baths). Uterine artery embolization is one of the modern and effective methods of getting rid fibroids without surgery.

What can i do to remove fibroids naturally?

These natural treatments may or may not help your fibroid symptoms, as relief depends on how severe your symptoms are and how your fibroids have progressed. You should talk to your doctor before trying any of these options.


Your daily diet is a very important factor in the treatment of fibroids. Eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk. Certain foods may also relieve symptoms.

Vitamins and supplements

Milk and dairy can help reduce fibroids. Dairy products contain a large amount of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. These nutrients can help prevent fibroids from growing.

Certain types of vitamins can also help reduce the growth and size of fibroids. Research suggests that your risk of developing fibroids may increase if you have small amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A from animal sources, such as dairy products.

Fibroids can worsen menstrual pain, swelling, and cramping. Many vitamins can relieve these symptoms:

  • vitamin B-1
  • vitamin B-6
  • vitamin E
  • magnesium
  • omega-3 fatty acids

You can find these vitamins in foods as well as supplements. If you want to start adding supplements to your routine, talk to your doctor before you start.

Processed foods

Processed foods high in fiber help:

  • Curb appetite
  • Hormone balance
  • Prevention of excess weight

Brightly colored foods, such as fruits and vegetables, also help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of fibroids.

Blood pressure

According to study, there may be a link between high blood pressure and fibroids. Control your blood pressure to reduce your risk and improve your overall health:

  • Limit foods with added salt or sodium.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly and discuss it with your doctor.
  • Exercise regularly.

Will i lose weight after fibroid removal?

Yes. Women who underwent hysterectomy for large uterine fibroids may even have a decrease in abdominal volume, leading to the sensation of weight loss.

Can losing weight get rid of fibroids?

According to study, obesity and excess weight increase the risk of uterine fibroids. This happens because fat cells produce a lot of estrogen. Weight loss is accompanied by fatigue and constant fatigue.

What foods trigger fibroids? – Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids?

According to reports, consuming excessive amounts of red meat increases the risk of fibroids. Alcohol consumption also increases the risk. An excess of refined carbohydrates and sugary foods can make fibroids worse or worse.

These foods increase blood sugar levels. This is why your body produces too much of the hormone insulin. 

Allowed products Unwanted products
Unrefined vegetable oils: linseed, olive. Sunflower – in limited quantities Any type of fast food
Whole grain bread or bread with bran Butter and margarine
Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts Fatty meat and lard
Lettuce, dill, parsley, garlic, cilantro Sausages, smoked sausages and other sausage products
Vegetables (cabbage, pumpkin, tomatoes) and fruits (especially citrus fruits) Smokedness
Berries (raspberries, strawberries), watermelon Strong alcohol
Marine fish with a high content of omega-3 fats (herring, mackerel, tuna, sardine, salmon) Candies, pastries, cakes and other confectionery products
Legumes (beans, lentils, peas) Fatty cheeses
Low-fat milk and fermented milk products (unsweetened yogurt, kefir, cheese) Canned or pickled products
Cereals (millet, buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice)

What herbs treat fibroids?

Medicinal plants are widely used in the treatment of this disease at various stages as part of complex therapy. Here are some effective herbs to treat fibroids:

  • Horsetail;
  • Saber;
  • Medicinal medunk;
  • Spore;
  • Round-leaved wintergreen;
  • Japanese sophora;
  • White mistletoe;
  • Thick-leaved badan.

Medicinal plants are used both as an independent remedy and as part of a collection for uterine fibroids. They are prepared in the form of tinctures and infusions, decoctions, extracts and juices and are used as an external local remedy or to provide a systemic effect when taken orally.


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Readers question 


Can fibroids make you tired?

The increase in menstrual flow caused by the presence of uterine fibroids can lead to the development of anemia. This condition is characterized by low levels of iron in the body that can lead to complications such as weakness , tiredness, dizziness, hair loss and also impairs concentration and memory.

What happens if fibroids are not removed? – Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids?

What may happen is that some fibroids – especially those located inside the uterus – interfere with fertility and increase the risk of certain complications during pregnancy, such as: placental abruption, fetal growth, premature birth and, in more serious cases, abortion.

However, the uterine myoma must be removed when the woman has increased bleeding refractory to the use of medication or contraceptives. It should also be operated when there is a desire to become pregnant and the patient has large and voluminous uterine fibroids, or when they occupy the inner portion of the uterus (submucosal fibroids).

Can hot water bottle shrink fibroid? Is it possible to cure fibroids by drinking hot water?

Ultimately, the answer to that question is No. You can’t shrink fibroids by drinking hot water. You can’t shrink fibroids by using a hot water bottle.

As a matter of fact, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it possible to cure fibroids by drinking hot water or shrink fibroids by using a hot water bottle.

However, there are things you can do that may help you feel better. You can lie down and put a hot pack or hot water bottle on your lower belly several times a day to ease the pain.

Do fibroid benefits of hot tea? – Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids?

Yellow Uxi Tea can be used for various health problems due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, diuretic, antioxidant and immune stimulant properties that help in the treatment of fibroids.

How harmful are fibroids? – Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids?

Fibroids represents certain concerns for the health of any woman. The danger lies, first of all, in the fact that complications of this disease may develop. In the case of regular examination and observation by a gynecologist, there is a possibility of reducing the risk of complications that lead to adverse consequences. The following processes are possible:

  • A woman’s reproductive activity is disturbed, and inflammatory processes may develop.
  • Uterine bleeding. The threat is, first of all, to the woman’s life, as well as the dangerous development of anemia.

With the diagnosis of fibroids, you need to be monitored by a gynecologist on a regular basis, and if you feel unwell, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What treatment eliminates fibroids faster?

Fibroids can be treated faster, only with clinical follow-up, surgical removal (myomectomy) or through embolization.

Does drinking hot water shrink fibroid? Is it possible to shrink fibroids by drinking hot drinks?

No. It is not possible. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that it possible to shrink fibroids by drinking hot drinks or water.

Do fibroids cause you to pee (urinate) more frequently?

Ultimately, the answer that question is Yes. Violation of the functions of adjacent organs: a large fibroid can press on the bladder and rectum, causing problems with peeing (urination).

Can drinking hot water shrink fibroids

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