6 Apps For Pregnant Women That Every Woman Should Download
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6 Apps For Pregnant Women That Every Woman Should Download

Today, in the world of electronics, there are a lot of not only entertaining, but also useful applications.

All these apps are classified according to their purpose, for example, there are apps for office workers, for managers of large companies and firms, for travelers, and so on, for various professions and occupations of a person.

The developers did not neglect apps for pregnant women.

Many special applications have been released for planning and pregnant women, which can be easily and free of charge installed on any gadget, the operation of which is based on such systems as Android or iOS.

6 Apps For Pregnant Women
Apps For Pregnant Women

We have prepared for you our TOP-6 useful applications for women planning pregnancy and pregnant women, which will be useful to you during the entire period of waiting for a baby.

Menstruation calendar by GP International LLC

Apps For Pregnant Women
Rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by user reviews More than 10 million downloads

It is not for nothing that we started the review with this application. After all, it is the Menstruation Calendar (Tracker Lite) that tracks our menstrual cycle, calculating favorable days for conceiving a child.

In addition, the program allows you to record the symptoms that worry us during the period of menstruation.

During pregnancy, with the help of the program, you can monitor vitamin intake, record sexual activity, and mark important events in the calendar.

Amma: Pregnancy Calendar

Apps For Pregnant Women
Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by user reviews More than 10 million downloads

With the Amma app, you will get all the information you need about your pregnancy.

The application counts the baby’s movements, tells the mother about the stages of fetal development, shows the graph of the basal temperature and has a contraction counter for pregnant women.

What is needed for new mothers who are expecting the birth of their first child!

Pregnancy calendar by Amila

Apps For Pregnant Women
Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by user reviews More than 5 million downloads

Another pregnancy calendar. We’ve included it on purpose, just in case you don’t like the previous option.

With Amila Pregnancy Calendar you can easily:

  • monitor your pregnancy by week;
  • calculate the current week of pregnancy;
  • keep track of weight changes;
  • keep track of the baby’s impulses;
  • make notes with pregnancy symptoms (nausea, changes in your body, doctor’s appointments, etc.), and more.

Convenient and nice interface – all necessary information about your pregnancy in one place.

Baby name by Wachanga

Apps For Pregnant Women
Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by user reviews More than 100 thousand downloads

What to name the baby? Choose a name for a boy or a girl. What does the name mean?

Babynames is a convenient application for choosing a name for a baby.

More than 13,000 name options are always at your fingertips. In addition, here you can find all the necessary information about the chosen names.

Convenient navigation, quick discussion with relatives, the ability to see how the name you liked and the last name are arranged, etc.

You can save the names of the child, girl or boy and decide on the choice later.


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Apps For Pregnant Women
More than 1000 downloads – due to the fact that the application is only for patients of “Storks”

This is an application for expectant mothers who are monitoring their pregnancy and preparing to give birth in “Stork”.

The application allows you to always have all your medical records at hand, whether you are at home or traveling.

With the help of the application, you can see all the results of laboratory tests, the baby’s ultrasound, plan the next visit to the doctor, fill out the birth wishes questionnaire, etc.

To access your personal account in the mobile application, during your visit you need to personally contact the registrar, who will give you access passwords – this is a condition for the security of your confidential data.

Counter by Neiman

The contraction counter application will help a young mother to know whether it is time to go to the maternity hospital or not.

This is the simplest beat counter – you only need to record a few beats by clicking the button at the beginning and end of the beats.

The application will analyze the duration and interval between contractions and determine when it is time to go to the maternity hospital.

6 Apps For Pregnant Women That Every Woman Should Download

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