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The 10 Foods and Natural Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that survives in our stomach but can sometimes cause stomach infections and even ulcers.

This happens especially when we consume water or food contaminated with this bacterium or when we suffer from other serious health problems that greatly decrease our defenses.

H. Pylori or peptic ulcer affects the stomach lining and one in ten people suffers from it at some point in their lives.

It is due to an imbalance between the aggressive factors of the mucosa and the defensive ones.

Aggressive agents are excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, the presence of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which is very common, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Gastric secretion of mucus and bicarbonate, good blood flow, natural repair of the mucosa and the secretion of substances that stimulate the formation of gastric mucosa act as a defense.

So, if you want to know the 10 foods that eliminate Persistent Helicobacter pylori, keep reading to find out!

Among other symptoms of stomach ulcer, Helicobacter pylori infection inflames the gastric mucosa.

Keep in mind that this inflammation causes low or no secretion of the intrinsic factor necessary to be able to assimilate vitamin B12 well.

Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

Incorporate these foods into your diet if you want to protect your stomach from ulcers.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Sweet Potato: Protects The Mucosa

The tubers act as shields for the gastric mucosa thanks to their starch. They are also very easy to digest. On the other hand, the sweet potato provides beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A necessary for the formation of stomach mucosa.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Cabbage: Reduces Acidity

Although cabbage is very rich in fiber, its high glutamine content makes it ideal for treating stomach mucosa and heartburn. It can be taken raw in juice with apple to improve the flavor. Raw preserves vitamin C, necessary for healing.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Beetroot: Heals The Tissue

The best way to eat vegetables such as beets, carrots or pumpkins is in the form of a cream. These vegetables are rich in beta-carotene and arginine, which help to close the ulcer.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Cochayuyo Seaweed: Relieves Discomfort

It is rich in alginic acid, with antacid properties. In order for it to perform this function, it is necessary to leave it to soak.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Hummus: Digestive Protein

Hummus is a great way to consume legumes, which digest better. In addition, hummus contains cumin, a carminative spice that also favors the digestive process. Legumes are a source of protein, essential for the body.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Olive Oil: Natural Anti-inflammatory

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in tocopherols and vitamin E, with an antioxidant effect. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and favors the protection of mucous membranes.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Applesauce: Protective Fiber

It is a typical remedy for its easy digestibility. The apple, along with the pear and the quince, are the fruits richest in pectin, an anti-gastric and restorative fiber that protects the mucosa.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Zucchini: Easy On The Stomach

Zucchini is one of the vegetables indicated for ulcersIt is quickly digested, its fiber is soluble, it can be eaten cooked or raw, and it is very gentle on the stomach.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Aloe Juice: Healing Power

It has been shown that in small amounts the juice of this plant, known for its healing power, softens and repairs the stomach mucosa.

The Ten Fruits and Natural Foods That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

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Almond Milk: Rich In Calcium And Protein

It is a gentle way to enrich the diet with calcium and protein. If you make it at home, leaving the almonds to soak for 24 hours and changing the water after 12 hours, it is more digestible. Avoid taking large amounts.

Natural Home Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

Although it is possible to use some natural remedies to help combat it, it is very important to see a doctor to diagnose it and offer us the best possible medical treatment to eliminate it completely. Without lingering, let’s discuss it together!

Lemon verbena essential oil

If you think you have any of the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori, such as abdominal pain, vomiting or indigestion, it is vital that you see a doctor so that he can diagnose the problem and prescribe the best treatment for you.

In addition, you can discuss with him if in your case it would be appropriate to reinforce the effect of the medications with a natural remedy.

For example, one of the most widely used home remedies against Helicobacter pylori is lemon verbena essential oil. Aloysia citriodora, also known as citron, lemon verbena, Maria Luisa, herb with three leaves, is a digestive plant that relieves heartburn and vomiting.

All this is thanks to some of its components such as various flavonoids, limonene, cineol, caryophyllene, citral and linalool, which give it mainly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is recommended to take between 15 and 20 drops of lemon verbena essential oil diluted in half a glass of water after each meal for a week or less, as we see fit.

In addition, another option to eliminate this bacteria is to take the infusion of the plant, adding 3 or 4 leaves when the water boils and letting it rest for 5 minutes. This infusion should be taken after meals for a week.


Licorice is used to relieve stomach ulcers and in the case of this bacterium it can prevent it from spreading and from adhering to the stomach walls, so it is more advisable to consume it at the beginning of the infection.


The root of this plant contains some components that this bacterium does not resist, such as some acids (glycyrrhetic and malic), tannins and flavonoids (formononetin, glycirol and licoflavonol), among others.


Thanks to these, this medicinal herb is antispasmodic, antacid, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


The most comfortable and effective ways to take licorice to eliminate this bacterial infection are to suck and bite the root directly and make infusions with the root, adding 1 tablespoon of licorice root powder to boiling water for every glass of water we use. Let stand and cool for 5 minutes and drink 2 or 3 cups a day for 4 days in a row.

The Ten Foods and Natural Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori


Propolis or bee glue is a substance produced by bees that has a great antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and also antibacterial capacity, which is why it is one of the best home remedies to eliminate Helicobacter pylori, since it helps us fight infections and digestive problems. also improving our defenses.


The best thing in this case is to take the commercial formats of this product in the doses that are recommended on the package or that the doctor has indicated. Normally the tincture or extract diluted in water or honey is taken.


One of the most used natural products to alleviate and solve digestive problems is ginger, since it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiemetic and antispasmodic.


For this reason, it is a very good option to alleviate the symptoms that this bacteria produces in our body and help eliminate it.


In addition to being able to include it in your diet in some dishes, one of the best ways to consume it is to prepare an infusion of ginger.


To do this, you must boil water and add two slices of ginger root or 2 tablespoons of powdered root.


Let it boil for 5 minutes and remove it from the heat, allowing it to sit for another 5 minutes before eating. You can take this infusion 3 times a day after meals for a week.

The Ten Foods and Natural Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori


Turmeric is also known as Indian gold or saffron stick and, in addition to being used in the kitchen, it is a great natural remedy that has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.


Some of the components that make this plant have these benefits are curcumin, eugenol, borneol, various organic acids and phenols.


The root of this plant can be taken as a seasoning in various dishes on a regular basis, but you can also prepare turmeric tea to combat Helicobacter pylori.


To prepare it, you must add 1 tablespoon of turmeric root powder for every 4 glasses of water at the moment the water reaches its boiling point.


Allow it to boil for 3-5 minutes and remove the tea from the heat, let it steep for another 5 minutes before drinking.


You can take this tea 2 or 3 times a day for 4 days in a row or until you feel better from the bacterial infection, but do not overdo it and do not take it for more than a week at a time

Other foods to eliminate Helicobacter pylori

As you also have to take care of your diet and adapt it to get rid of the infection caused by this bacterium, we must keep in mind some of the best foods to combat Helicobacter pylori:


  • White cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Probiotics
  • Blueberries
  • Garlic


It is important to add these foods to your diet because they contain antibacterial, acidic components and are capable of helping to rebalance your intestinal flora.


All this will help you to eliminate this bacteria that causes you gastrointestinal problems.

The Ten Foods and Natural Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

If What You Have Is Heartburn


Normally heartburn after eating is usually due to a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


Although it may seem contradictory, in these cases it is advisable to eat acidic-tasting foods to help acidify the pH of the stomach and favor the sufficient formation of gastric juices that help to digest well, especially proteins.


  • Drinking some warm water with tangerine juice before eating is a good option.
  • Seasoning dishes with a little apple cider vinegar and completing meals with something fermented, such as sauerkraut, kimchi or kombucha will also help. The organic acids that are formed in the fermentation favor the digestive process.
  • Adding sprouts to meals is another good measure, as they provide digestive enzymes.
  • Before eating, practice three deep breaths to activate the autonomic nervous system responsible for relaxation and informing the body that it is time to eat.
  • Chewing a lot and eating without haste is also basic to guarantee happy digestions. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes at each meal, putting down your utensils between bites.

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Foods you shouldn’t eat, if you have Stomach Ulcer

In case of ulcer, avoid fried foods, acids, carbonated drinks, stimulants such as coffee, and preparations that are too hot or cold. It also eliminates stress, since it reduces blood flow to the digestive system.

Tips to combat this bacteria

In addition to everything mentioned above, we want to offer you some tips to avoid contagion and to combat this bacteria more effectively:

  • To prevent infection by this bacterium you will have to eat a balanced and healthy diet, that is, eat a variety but avoid processed and industrial foods. In addition, you will have to always try to consume drinking water since if you drink water from rivers or areas not suitable for human consumption, you risk contracting this bacterium.
  • In the event that you already suffer from a problem derived from the infection of this bacterium, you should pay special attention to your diet, eating healthy but appropriate to the problem that has caused you. For example, a soft diet in case of gastritis or foods suitable for stomach ulcers.
  • As soon as you notice any symptoms you should go to the doctor to be checked and give you an appropriate treatment. Likewise, you should discuss with him the natural remedies that you can use since depending on the disease caused by the bacteria, some may not be recommended or you may suffer from allergies.
  • Thus, we advise you to combine different methods of home remedies to eliminate Helicobacter pylori, an adequate diet and treatment with medicines to ensure greater success in a healthy way.

The Ten Foods and Natural Remedies That Eliminate Persistent H. Pylori

We hope this article helped you learn about foods and natural remedies that eliminate persistent h. pylori. You may also want to learn 5 Natural remedies for Menstrual pain, or check out our Diet and Nutrition Category.

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