11 Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

10 Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she soon receives numerous restrictions, doesn’t she? Even though it is a special moment, pregnancy comes with many discoveries and changes in routine. Especially for the pregnant woman who has to deal with physical and psychological changes.

In addition to not fitting into her usual clothes anymore and facing a new routine, full of medical appointments, exams and in the midst of preparations for the baby’s arrival, the woman may also have to make adjustments in everyday activities.

One of the necessary adaptations is in relation to household chores. And now you may be asking: what type of housework pregnant women should avoid.

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Can pregnant women clean up?

Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

This is a question that can have several answers, mainly because it will depend on what the pregnant woman did before (and how she did it) and whether the pregnancy is healthy. First, the doctor should always be consulted. In general, pregnant women who need rest should not do any kind of housework.

You also need to pay special attention to the stage of pregnancy. In the final stretch, the weight of the belly already makes most of the activities impossible. If the family has pet cats, the care is with cleaning the litter boxes.

To avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis contamination, the pregnant woman should not have contact with the animal’s feces and urine, so the task should be left to someone else.

The truth is, when household chores are not done correctly, they can cause permanent damage. Therefore, find out the types of housework pregnant women should avoid and precautions that every pregnant woman should observe during cleaning.

And even if your pregnancy is not at risk, think about your health and that of the baby before starting to clean the house. And if you feel any kind of pain or tiredness, stop and ask for help right away.

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Types of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

You are tired of hearing that pregnancy is not a disease. Is not it. But you need to take some precautions during pregnancy so as not to endanger your health and that of the baby, and cleaning the house requires some of them. Without lingering, let’s discuss it together!


  • You should avoid draging furnitures or carry weight especially in the last trimester or when the belly is already big, even in the 2nd trimester. The biggest problem is harming the spine, which already suffers from all the extra weight it has to bear. With regard to the force exerted, common sense applies. If you get tired, your breathing becomes more labored, or you feel pain, stop what you’re doing and ask for help. And avoid overexertion.


  • Avoid climbing on chairs, stairs or other furniture. These tasks are safe only in the 1st trimester. With the growth of the belly and the action of the relaxin hormone, which relaxes all the joints in the body, leaving them loose, your balance is compromised. You can fall much more easily, so avoid climbing on chairs, stairs or other furniture. It’s okay, however, to stretch your arms to reach something higher up. Of course, as long as it doesn’t break your balance.


  • Stay away from the broomstick throughout your pregnancy. Be very careful with movements when squatting or using arms. Simple activities, such as sweeping the house and washing a piece of clothing, can compromise the sciatic nerve and joints, causing severe pain in the lower back.


  • Attention when washing places like backyard and bathrooms. The slippery floor can make you fall and that can endanger the pregnancy.


  • Use cleaning agents released by health surveillance agencies, the way manufacturer recommends, even if it is bleach. That is, avoid those bought at the door of the house, without known origin. Another recommendation is never to mix one product with another, as it can generate a very toxic substance.


  • Always leave the environment well ventilated, with open windows and, if not, a fan. All this to avoid inhaling the gases, which can really make you feel dizzy, nausea, headache and vomiting. This also applies to painting the baby’s room, ask someone else to paint. If you happen to feel unwell, move to a more ventilated environment and rest.


  • The precaution a pregnant woman should take when cleaning is to use specific gloves for household activities to prevent or limit the absorption of chemicals, which can also cause allergies.


  • At this stage, research more natural cleaning product options. The measure will also be especially pleasant after the baby is born.


  • Be very careful when buying non-industrialized cleaning products. You know those bottles sold door to door? They are not regulated by public bodies, so they can be stronger and contain substances that are dangerous for the health of the whole family.


  • Another recommendation is to avoid cleaning the house on very hot days, to avoid pressure drop and dehydration.

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Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

However, if the pregnancy is high risk, forget about any effort: your case is one of rest. On the other hand, If you are a low-risk pregnant woman, you are free to clean and tidy, sweep the house, vacuum, clean the bathroom and kitchen, wash and iron clothes. And if you feel any kind of pain or tiredness, stop and ask for help right away.

Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

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