Natural Recipes to Nacking long in full Time Match in Za Room field with Madam

Natural Recipes to Nacking long in full-Time Match in Za Room field with Madam

Pre-ma!ure Ejakulat!on or a 40 seconds man as we may call it. Men who only go one round with their wives. This condition has caused many problems in many families. Also, it has ruined many marriages.

However, If you ejakulate too quickly most of the times you have sex, and it’s a problem for you and your partner, there is good news for you.

These remedies can help get rid of Pre-ma!ure Ejakulat!on. Join me as we look at some natural recipes to nacking long in full-time match in za room field with madam.

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Natural recipes to nacking long in full-time match in za room field with madam

4 Natural Recipes to Nacking long in full-Time Match in Za Room field with Madam



  • Cucumber
  • Banana
  • Garlic
  • Tin milk


Natural Recipes to Nacking long in full-Time Match in Za Room field with Madam

Take half cucumber, slice and pour in your blender, slice two bananas and pour in the blender as well, add a few garlic, pour your tin milk in the blender and blend everything together


Take this mixture 3 times a week, if done correctly, you will come back with your testimony by the special grace of God.

The mixture can be taken anytime of the day but preferably in the late afternoon.



  • Dates Fruit (Debino in Hausa)
  • Tiger Nut (Dried or Fresh)
  • Coconut
  • Ginger
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Pineapple Juice (optional)


  1. Soak the dried Tiger Nut overnight, but if you’re using fresh Tiger Nut, you don’t need to soak it.
  2. Blend the Tiger Nut separately with water until it becomes soft.
  3. Add more water if needed to enable blending.
  4. Sieve the mixture to get the milk and throw away the chaff. Keep the milk in a bowl separately.
  5. Chop the coconut into bits or shred it. Blend it with the same quantity of water or a little bit more.
  6. Sieve the mixture to get your coconut milk. Keep the milk in a separate bowl.
  7. Remove the seeds from the Date Fruit and throw them away. Chop the flesh into bits and soak it for at least 30 minutes.
  8. Blend the soaked Date Fruit to form a syrup-like consistency, similar to honey. Keep it separately.
  9. Peel the Ginger and cut it into pieces.
  10. Peel the Banana and cut it into chunks.

Optional: Squeeze the juice of the Pineapple or blend it together with the other ingredients.

Mix everything and blend it until it becomes smooth. Serve it chilled.

This smoothie recipe is good for both men and women, and kids can enjoy it too. The Ginger fights against infections of any kind, while the other fruits boost the immune system.

The Tiger Nut, Dabino fruit, and Coconut are good for libido, weak erection, quick ejaculation, and boost sperm production. They also help women who have infertility problems and can improve ovulation.

By drinking this smoothie, you can take control of your health with simple and delicious recipes that can provide increased energy, improved physical fitness, boosted sperm production, improved digestion, strengthened immune system, weight loss, detoxification, reduced sugar cravings, and reduced and eliminated sickness. So, enjoy this smoothie and improve your sexual health!


  • Bring 100 pieces of palm karnal nut and grind it to powder,
  • Get one bottle of gin, hot drink,
  • And pour it inside
  • Cover it for four days,
  • One shot every morning and night, make sure you didn’t skip any day, finish the whole drink and satisfy your woman

Always shake it well before you drink.



  • Medium size Ginger.
  • 2 pieces of Tumeric.
  • Half or full Coconut.
  • 2 handful of Scent leaves.
  • 2 bulbs of small Garlic.

Instruction: Blend all and drink every morning on empty stomach for 7 da!yz max.

For u!cer per!sons, remove the garlic and ginger and replace it with bitter Garden egg leaves or Moringa leaves.

Natural Recipes to Nacking long in full-Time Match in Za Room field with Madam

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