Are You Always Disappointed In Bed? Banana And Groundnut Combo Is What You Need.

Banana and Groundnut Combo

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Most men often times than not, find it difficult to satisfy their women in bed for numerous reasons though, but majorly due to the inability to maintain an erection and it is often devastating as they consequentially begin to lose interest gradually when it comes to matters of sexual pleasure.

This gradual loss of sexual interest arise as a means of escape from the guilt that usua tends to engolf men when they end up disappointing their women sexually.

Nonetheless, sexual inability can be as a result of inexperience or health issues and different measures has been prescribed over time to help curb it.

Are you always disappointed in bed? Banana and groundnut combo is what you need.

Be you male or female, if you are constantly fighting with feelings of emptiness and lack of sexual urge, if the idea of having an erotic time with your partner doesn’t entice you anymore or if you are looking for effective ways to enhance your sexual performance, then this article is rightly for you.

Ensure to read through this piece delegently, to the very end so as not to miss out any point because we won’t only be sharing the sexual benefits of the “groundnut & banana combo”, we will also reveal to you some secrets about female orgasm as well as some ideal sexual techniques which can be applied to get any woman to orgasm when next you set off for a romantic bedtime.

There are numerous ways to boost your libido which in turn helps you maintain a good erection and one of them is to eat bananas and groundnuts.

Yes, you read it just as it is.
Although, banana has been jovialy associated with sex due to its penis-like shape: as this helps most persons think of intimate moments, it is actually filled with various healthy nutrients that is essential in boosting ones’ confidence and bed experience too.

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Here are some nutritional benefits of bananas🍌 Are You Always Disappointed In Bed? Banana And Groundnut Combo Is What You Need.

Rich in Amino acid:

Bananas are super rich in amino acids. There is a typical type of amino acid called tryptophan found majorly and mostly in bananas.

This nutrient is very essential for mood lifting, and a good or happy mood is very necessary for a super sexual performance.
Due to the presence of tryptophan in bananas, they have the potency of creating a great psychological atmosphere within you, by increasing the production of the happy hormones called serotonin. Apart from making you happy, these biological chemicals also regulate your libido.

Banana Increases Testosterone level

Bananas are also rich potassium; a major nutrient responsible for boosting the production of testosterone hormone in men.
Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays an important role in improving a men’s sexual urge and also help for a long-lasting sexual performance.

Serves as Energy Booster

Since energy is needed for a good and lasting sexual intercourse, it is best to take sufficient amount of bananas before sex. This is so because banana contains a good amount of carbohydrate which is an energy giving food.

With this good amount of carbohydrate present in banana, it therefore has the potency of keeping you energetic throughout the act of sexual intercourse.

Bananas also increase the flow of blood in the genitals, thereby arousing you well enough to hit the bed passionately and without worries.

Having looked at some of the sexual benefits of banana, let’s have a brief insight on the benefits of groundnuts towards a healthy sexual performance.

Groundnut also called peanut is a major natural source of L-arginine (an amino acid, that enhances blood flow).
This invariably makes groundnut a great libido boosters, especially for men.
This amino acid (L-arginine) also helps in the enhancing of sexual function in men by relaxing blood vessels. Research studies have also come to prove that L-arginine helps with erectile dysfunction due to its effect on the blood carrying vessels, especially the artries which carry oxygenated blood.

Groundnut contains antioxidants and is also a good source of fibre.

It lowers helps in regulating cholesterol levels, doing well to keep the bad cholesterol at a minimal level while increasing the good cholesterol.

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It is high in protein and is a great source of energy.

The Banana and Groundnut combo procedure.

Are You Always Disappointed In Bed? Banana And Groundnut Combo Is What You Need.

This procedure is simply a no-brainer. All that is required of you is a bunch of fresh bananas (with approximately 10 strands) and a good quantity of groundnuts (either cooked or fried).

Simply eat the combo (banana 🍌 and groundnut) to your satisfaction point, but avoid overeating.

Do this approximately 10 minutes before sex for best sexual results. Also try incorporating it into your daily meals, to further enhance your sexual performance in the long run.

A good adherence to this, is sure to increase your sexual performance, all things been equal and when next you get her laid, you should be sure of getting her to orgasm.

Talking about orgasm anyways, most women oftentimes find it difficult to get to that point. For some it’s an unrealistic myth and to others an unattainable point but the truth of the matter is that orgasm is very much attainable if the right techniques are applied.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about female orgasm.

Qst: What actually is female orgasm?

Ans: This is the apex of sexual pleasure in a woman, often called cloud nine.
According to Dr. Avani Tiwari, when a woman gets to orgasm, she experiences a contraction of the vaginal muscles, resulting to an increased discharge of vaginal fluids, giving her an extreme feeling of wellness and in-depth satisfaction.

Qst: How does it feel to have an orgasm?

Ans: The feeling of orgasm can be fully illustrated using the M&J’s four-phase model.

First Phase: The Excitement

During this phase of stimulation, the blood carriers within the genitals of a woman dilate, resulting to the swelling of the vulva. Consequently, allowing vagina fluids to gush spasmodically through the vagina walls thereby making the vulva wet and also expanding the vagina.
This phase is often characterised by increased heartbeat, with the dilation of the blood vessels making her look wasted.

Second phase: The Plateau

This is yet another stimulation point, at this phase, the blood flow to the lower portion of the vagina up to its flow limit, enabling the vagina to become firm and ready for ejaculation. At this point, the nipples become a little bit tender than it was at the excitement phase.

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Third Phase: The Orgasm

This is the climax of the whole sexual affair for the woman. At this point, the muscles embedded around the genitals undergoes rhythmic contractions, oftentimes, leaving most women to uncontrollable vibrations.
For most women, orgasms are characterised by ejaculation of liquid from their urethra. Female orgasms however, lasts longer than a males’

The Fourth Phase: The Resolution

This is the last phase of the female ejaculation process, where the body returns to its normal state, breathing as well slows down to its normal level.

Further Insight:

As a matter of fact, women and orgasms rarely go hand in hand. Unlike the masculine gender, women do not attain climax easily and this might be as a result of numerous reasons.

Nonetheless, if you want to put up a good sexual performance as a man and have your woman flushed, ensure to take the groundnut and banana 🍌 combo seriously.

Most persons always ask,
“why it hard for women to orgasm and is it normal for a woman not to get to climax?” well, it all depends.

The inability of a woman to get to sexual climax depends on various reasons. Check out some of the reasons why most women don’t get to sexual climax (Orgasm).

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