New Years Foods and Their Meanings0A

New Year’s Foods and Their Meanings

Preparations for the New Year have already started! And to give destiny a little help, many people bet on following certain traditions, such as preparing some New Year’s meals.

Those who believe, say that these ingredients are like real protective amulets, and will help bring luck and harmony for the year to come.

But what is certain is that they are also very healthy, and can be great options for those who want to maintain a more balanced diet on New Year’s Eve.

“The secret is in the choice of ingredients and also in the preparation.

That’s why it’s important to be positive, aiming for good energy and transmitting powerful vibrations”, advises Juliana Viveiros, spiritualist at the iQuilíbrio platform.

Discover some typical New Year’s foods — and their meanings for those who believe:

New Year Food

Lucky Lentil

Among the foods that bring luck for the new year, one of the most famous is lentils . It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular foods in supper.

Present on almost all tables of Brazilian families, the grain resembles coins and, therefore, is a symbol of abundance and wealth.

Therefore, eating at least a tablespoon of lentils is the secret to a year of plenty.


The pomegranate cannot be missing among the foods that bring luck for the new year! This is because it symbolizes fertility and prosperity, in addition to flowering, growth and abundance.

The sympathy with pomegranate in the New Year is also strongly associated with the Twelfth Night (celebrated on January 6th), as the date marks the beginning of a new time.

By tradition, you should keep three dried pomegranate seeds. But don’t forget: they must be carried in your wallet throughout the year.

New Year’s Food: Grape

New Year's Foods and Their Meanings

Grapes are one of the most important fruits for New Year’s Eve. Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve carries great symbolism. This is because it is believed that this food can bring prosperity and peace.

The custom of grapes as foods that bring luck for the new year has its origins in Spain. There, people eat 12 grapes at midnight and keep the pits in their wallets throughout the year.


Among the foods that bring luck for the new year, pork is also present in many suppers. Pieces like the ham are often the main ingredient on the table.

This has become commonplace as the pig symbolizes progress. Furthermore, the figure of the entire animal placed on the table — the famous piglets — brings the energy of abundance.

New Year’s Food: Fish

New Year's Foods and Their Meanings

It also represents the progress we want to make in the coming year. Furthermore, he is also one of the main symbols related to the story of Jesus Christ. In this way, he also represents prosperity and plenty.


The apple symbolizes success, especially in love. Therefore, it is used to achieve a year of positive achievements and happiness.
To achieve the benefits of this fruit, just take a midnight bite of a bright red apple.

New Year’s Food: Dried Fruit

Peach, figs, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and dates are often very traditional fruits at Christmas.

Because they symbolize luck and abundance, these fruits also became part of the New Year’s supper. Whether in candied or dried form. To see more post on Diet & Nutrition click here.

New Year's Foods and Their Meanings

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