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Cure for Kidney problem, Arthritis, Insomnia And 10 Other Disease with Stubborn Grass

Every single plant that exists including Stubborn Grass (Sida Acuta) has it’s own benefits and side effects. Through most of them are regarded as weeds and grasses, some of the plants also possess incredible health benefits which some of us may not even be aware of.

Now, we are going to be looking at the health benefits of common popular wire-weed grass known as “stubborn grass”.

Botanical name: Sida Acuta
Sida acuta (Stubborn Grass), is regarded as astringent, tonic and helpful in treating urinary diseases and blood disorders, liver, bile and as treatment for nervous diseases. Stubborn grass, the popular wire-weed, is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family, Malvaceae. It is consider to have originated in Central America, but now has a pantropical dispensation and is considered a weed in some region.

How To Identify Stubborn Grass

Plant: Under-shrub, with mucilaginous juice, cylindrical, green, aerial, erect, branched, solid.

Fruit: A schizocarpic mericarp, seed in every one mericarp.

Leaves: It is Alternate, simple, lanceolate to linear, rarely ovate to oblong, obtuse at the base, acute at the apex, coarsely and remotely serrate, petiole are much shorter than the blade, stipulate, stipules free-lateral, disproportionately paired at the node, reticulate venation.

Flower: Small, axillary, 2-3 in a cluster; pedicels jointed at the center, epicalyx absent, complete,
bisexual, regular, actinomorphic, hypogynus, pentamerous, yellow.
Calyx- Sepals 5, gamosepalous, campanulate, faintly accrescent, persistent, valvate.

Inflorescence: Cymose

Corolla: Petals 5, polypetalous although slightly cognate below and jointed with the staminal column, twisted.

Androecium: Stamens many, monadelphous, settled on the staminal column; staminal column is shorter than the petals, divided above into various filaments, anthers monothecus, reniform, basifixed, filament short, extrorse.

Classification Of Stubborn Grass (Hooker’s And Bentham System)



  • Reticulate venation
  • Flower pentamerous

Sub Class


  • Petals free



  • Flower hypogynus; ovary superior.



  • Stamens indefinite, monadelphous.
  • Ovary 5 carpellary, placentation axile.
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  • Plant – mucilaginous.
  • Leaves – plain with free lateral stipule.
  • Flower – it is bisexual, petals 5, bent, monadelphous stamen, anther one cell, reniformed.



  • Staminal column without teeth at apex.
  • Flowers without epicalyx.
  • Ovule 1 in each locule, seed 1 in every one mericarp.



  • Leaf base obtuse, apex acute.

Stubborn grass is also known as:

Yoruba – Ìsékètu.

Sanskrit – Bala

Kannada – Vishakaddi

Bengali – Kureta/ Berela (in Tripura)

Hindi – Kareta/ Kharenti

Oriya – Siobala

Gujrati – Bala/Jangli menthi

Marathi – Chikana

Malayalam – Malatanni

Telegu – Nelabenda

Sinhala – Gasbevila

Burmese – Katsayna

Tamil – Malaidangi

Floral formul of Sida acota- Br,+,K⁵,C⁵^,A_,G(⁵)

Stubborn Grass Health Benefits

Health benefit of stubborn grass include:

For micro organism in the body system, Serious waist pain, Ankle pain, Lower abdominal pain in the course of menses, Quick ejaculation, Irregular menses, Watery sperm and Hormonal imbalance.

NOTE: The stubborn grass plant has to be harvested around 6:00 am in the morning hour before the sunset, if not it won’t work, and must be stored in cool in or wet place if you are not ready to prepare it immediately.



1. Stubborn Grass
2. Two big white ball of Onions
3. Four ltr of water

You will have to get 2 big balls of white onions, harvest three handful of this plant (stubborn grass) and wash it well with water and salt.

Then cut it into pieces and pour 4 liters of clean water in a pot, cut the 2 balls of white onions and spray it on the top.

Boil it for 15 minute ( Maximum) and sift the water for your healing. drink a glass for morning and night to testify of kindness of God!

NOTE: This Preparation method works only for micro organism in the body system, Serious waist pain, Ankle pain, Lower abdominal pain in the course of menses, Quick ejaculation, Irregular menses, Watery sperm and Hormonal imbalance.


This terrible disease refer as rheumatoid arthritis that naturally develop symptoms like; general inflammation of body, joint pain, swollen ankle, and deformation. Although doctors and scientists have not figured out the real cause of this terrible disease, but it is believe to be caused by polluted surroundings, smoking, life style, and genetic factors, though our body normally form antibodies that fight againt virus and diseases. It is a specialist in reducing life expectancy, which have kept many on the wheelchair and cause some people to look older and exposed to early death.

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In africa today, people who often encounter deformation and have their swollen ankle left with punch-hole, oftentimes keep enmity with their suspected family members and neighbors as an architect to their own problem, due to illiteracy and intellectual slavery. What we have here is a Wonderful plant that God has deposited to serve us in complete treatment of this terrible disease, but it will only work if you reserve the rule and absolute preparation.


  • Get a handful of stubborn grass (sida acuta) with some pineapple leaves
  • Boil it together in a kettle or pot

Drink one glassful 3 times daily, it cures arthritis.


General weakness also known as Asthenia, is the feeling of body fatigue or tiredness. Certain part of the body properly may not be able to move due to weakness. The lack of energy to move certain muscles or even all muscles in the body best described is as a General weakness.

Boil only the leaf and drink one glassful 3 times daily


Kidney disease can affect your body’s ability to help control your blood pressure, clean your blood, and to filter extra water out of your blood. It can also affect vitamin D metabolism needed for bone health and red blood cell production.

Get a medium sized pot, fill it with the root and water, bring to boil. Halfglass 2 times daily


Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep or make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep. Common causes of insomnia include; depression, physical illnesses, stress, an irregular sleep schedule, pain, medications, mental health disorders like anxiety, neurological problems, specific sleep disorders and poor sleeping habits.

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Add almond and bamboo leaves to Stubborn Grass (Sida Acuta) leaf with it. Bring to boil one glass full 2 times daily.


Backache also known as back pain, is pain felt in the back. An ache around the back, and sometimes all the way down to the buttocks and legs are the main symptom of back pain. Depending on the nerves affected, some back issues can also cause pain in other parts of the body.

The back is divided into:

  • Neck pain (cervical)
  • Middle back pain (thoracic)
  • Coccus unit (tailbone or sacral pain ) or lower back pain (lumbar) based on the segment affected. The most common area affected is the lumbar area.


  • Get a handful of stubborn grass and some pineapple leaves.
  • Boil it together in a kettle or pot.
  • Drink one glassful 3 times daily, it cures back pain.


Boils develops at the site of an infected hair follicle. They are painful red lump on the skin. Stubborn grass (sida acuta) can help you get rid of stubborn boil.


  • Get a handful of stubborn grass (sida acuta).
  • Grind, then rub around the boil.


An infection in any part such as: the urinary system, the kidneys, bladder or urethra. More severe infections involve the kidney but, Urinary tract infections usually occur in the bladder or urethra.
The UTI infection are more common in women.

Stubborn grass can be used in treating urinary tract infections.


  • Get a handful of stubborn grass.
  • Boil very well in a pot.
  • Add 3 spoonful of ash Uyi in the Igbo Language, (Eeru) in the Yoruba language.
  • Next, mix it together and filter it.

Take it warm, one cup for 7 days, morning and evening.

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