Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male And Female To Improve Sex Quality

Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male And Female To Improve Sex Quality

Maybe you often hear offers of various supplement and vitamins for sex drive. There are several manufacturers that offer strengthening drug services so that your performance in bed is getting better. But, are these drugs really effective and safe to consume? It is not uncommon for both women and men to seek help to increase sexual arousal when they experience decreased libido due to health problems. In fact, even without “strong drugs”, there are several minerals and vitamins to enhance your sex drive that you can consume. Women and men have different needs, so the types of substances used to increase body stamina during sex will also be different. What works for men may not necessarily work for women. Want to know what vitamins to consume in other to enhance your sexual life? However, before explaining what vitamins for sex drive in male and female are, it is very important for us to have a deeper understanding of the meanings of sex and sexuality, because often, these two meanings are used incorrectly in everyday life. Sex is a physical or biological difference between men and women, which is often called gender). Meanwhile, sexuality involves a wide variety of dimensions, namely biological, social, psychological, and cultural dimensions. Sexuality from the biological dimension is related to the reproductive organs and genitals, including how to maintain health and optimally function the reproductive organs and sex drive. Sexuality from the psychological dimension is closely related to how to function as a sexual being, role or type identity, and how the dynamics of psychological aspects (cognition, emotion, motivation, behavior) relate to sexuality itself. From the social dimension, sexuality is seen in how sexuality appears in human relations, how environmental influences shape views about sexuality which ultimately shape sexual behavior.

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What is a sex drive?

Sex drive also called Sexual drive is the desire to get sexual satisfaction obtained by sexual behavior. It is normal for teenagers to have sexual urges because when they enter puberty, sexual urges will appear in a person. At puberty, the reproductive organs have begun to function, the sex hormones have also begun to function. These hormones cause the emergence of sex drive, namely the hormones estrogen and progesterone in women, and the hormone testosterone in men. The thing to note is when sexual urges appear, they are not matched by an understanding of matters related to sexual behavior.

There is no difference between the sex drives of men and women. Nothing higher. Even though there is a belief in society that men have a greater sexual urge than women, this is actually caused by a culture that allows men to be more expressive (including in terms of sexuality), while women are prohibited from showing their sexual interest in public. Check out: Vitamins for sex drive in male and female below.

What are the Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male? 

Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male And Female To Improve Sex Quality

Some of the recommended supplements may be necessary due to erectile dysfunction. Of course this can happen due to medical treatment, such as the effects of high blood pressure and depression medications. Here are a number of vitamins for sex drive in male that you can try, provided you discuss them first with your doctor:

1. L-arginine

Impotence occurs due to poor circulation of the penis. Nitric oxide can dilate blood vessels, this content is contained in L-arginine. The content comes from amino acids, in your body amino acids are converted into nitric oxide. Based on one study, one to three men who consumed 5 g of L-arginine per day for 6 weeks experienced changes in erectile ability.

2. Propionyl-L-carnitine

This supplement helps sildenafil (Viagra) be more effective for men with diabetes and impotence. The study tested men who took sildenafil by adding 2 g of Propionyl-L-carnitine per day to get better results. This is because carnitine increases your blood flow. However, you need to be careful because side effects can include nausea, vomiting, and stomach problems.

3. SAM-e

Antidepressants can reduce your libido, but you don’t need to worry. SAM-e (S-adenosyl methionine) is able to overcome depression without having any side effects on your sexual life. In a study cited by WebMD, men who took SAM-e to replace their antidepressants experienced increased sexual desire and erectile ability. You still need to take it with doctor’s advice, because excess doses can cause insomnia, dizziness, and headaches.

4. Sido Muncul Libidione

Sido Muncul has been known for its products made from natural herbal ingredients. One of them is Sidomuncul Libidione – Men’s Vitality Stamina Supplement (Rp 90,209), which is a male stamina enhancing vitamin made from herbal ingredients. Because it is made from herbal ingredients, until now no side effects have been found from using this male stamina vitamin.

Specially formulated from tribulus extracts, Korean ginseng, pasak bumi, and ginkgo biloba, Sidomuncul Libidione can help to increase male stamina and vitality.

In addition, consumption of this vitamin is also beneficial for improving blood circulation, strengthening memory, making erections longer lasting, increasing the male hormone testosterone, as well as maintaining the immune system. The recommended dose for taking vitamins for male stamina Sidomuncul is 1 capsule 3 times a day, or according to the doctor’s instructions. This supplement has also been registered with BPOM so it is safe for consumption.

5. Nature Plus Virile Actin

The next male stamina enhancing vitamin is nature plus ultra virile actin – Vitamin Stamina Pria (Rp 900.000). This vitamin for male vitality has a variety of ingredients that are not only good for male vitality, but also overall body health.

The L-carnitine contained in this vitamin can help use Viagra more effectively in men who experience erectile dysfunction. In addition, this amino acid can also increase blood circulation in the penis so that erections can last longer.

Not only L-carnitine, Nature Plus Virile Actin also contains coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 and Siberian ginseng which can increase fertility and sperm quality. Siberian ginseng is also used in traditional Chinese medicine as an energy and vitality enhancer. According to WebMd page, another benefit of Siberian ginseng is reducing the severity of type 2 herpes virus infection that attacks the intimate area.

Even though it has many benefits for male vitality, patients with heart disease, diabetes, sensitive hormone conditions, and high blood pressure (hypertension) are not advised to consume this vitamin because of the ginseng content in it. Keep in mind that this vitamin is specifically for men only, so women, especially pregnant women, are not recommended to consume this vitamin.

The recommended dose for consuming Nature Plus Virile Actin is 2 tablets a day which can be consumed after meals.

6. Wellman Original

The last recommendation for male stamina enhancing vitamins is Wellman – 30 Tablets – Multivitamin Stamina Men (Rp 216,819). Wellman is different from regular multivitamins because its formula has been optimized for men’s health based on international research evidence, with ingredients good for male vitality such as Siberian ginseng and coenzyme Q10.

The zinc content in this vitamin can also maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood. Apart from that, this male stamina vitamin is also a vitamin for good stamina because it is also intended for men who have busy activities. The content of vitamins B6 , B12 , vitamin C , and D participates in increasing body stamina and maintaining endurance. The recommended dose for consuming this vitamin is 1 tablet a day, which can be consumed after meals.

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Are There Other Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male?

Yes, here. You can look for other alternatives, such as the following:

  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, and can improve blood circulation. Circulation itself is an important component for sexual activity. You can find this vitamin in peanuts, spinach, mangoes and tomatoes.
  • Vitamin C is needed by vitamin E in order to achieve the benefits of circulation in the arteries. Vitamin E requires vitamin C to be broken down in the body. Of course, you know that oranges are rich in vitamin C.
  • B-complex vitamins can increase sexual desire as well. Like vitamin E, the B-complex vitamins can affect blood flow. In addition, vitamin B-12 can overcome depression, so you will be excited again.

What are the vitamins for sex drive in females?

Here are some substances and vitamins that the body needs:

1. Iron

If you are deficient in iron, maybe your libido will also dim. Not only does it affect sexual desire, iron deficiency can also affect the ability to naturally lubricate the vagina and the ability to orgasm. Some women experience improved performance when iron nutrition in their bodies is improved. However, keep in mind, excess iron is also not good for your body, because it can cause constipation and various stomach problems. When you consume around 20 mg of iron per day, this is considered excessive. Especially when you consume more than 60 mg a day, it can threaten your life.

2. A terrestrial tribe

You can take advantage of the Tribulus terrestris plant. This plant comes from the fruit that produces Mediterranean plants, which are covered with thorns. According to research, almost all parts of this plant are used and are popular in traditional Chinese Ayurveda medicine, such as the roots, leaves or fruit. Allegedly this plant can indeed encourage sexual desire. This is reinforced by a study cited by WebMD. Women who experience low sexual desire, then consume about 7.5 mg of Tribulus terrestris every day for 4 weeks, have been shown to experience improvements in sexual performance. Not only on desire, but also on natural lubrication abilities, orgasms, and the satisfaction they get during sex.

If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, you should avoid taking supplements made from this plant, because it can interfere with fetal development. Other side effects can include poor sleep and irregular periods.

3. Maca 

This one supplement can also help those of you who have lost sexual desire. Maca is included in ginseng, so it is also included in vegetables, so it is safe for consumption. You have to be careful, if you have an estrogen sensitive condition that can trigger cancer. Why is that? Eating Maca can increase your estrogen level. So, before you take this supplement, you should first ask your doctor.

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Conclusion: Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male And Female

For most men, especially married men, long-lasting performance in bed and strong stamina are important things to have. So, lack of sexual desire or experiencing vitality disorders can be a separate problem for men. Not infrequently husbands choose to take male stamina enhancing vitamins to increase vitality as a solution.

Vitality problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile disorders can occur in all men caused by various things such as depression, low self-esteem, or anxiety disorders. If not addressed early on, of course this can affect household harmony.

However, with the line of vitamins for sex drive in male and female that myhealthmyskin has summarized above, can be a solution to overcome various vitality problems while increasing stamina during intercourse.




How to increase male sex drive naturally?

1. Improve the quality of relationships

To increase libido, every man and woman must pay attention to the quality of their relationship. Many people trivialize sexual desire and frequency at certain points in a relationship. Improving the quality of relationships can be practiced such as date night, quality time with each other and building open communication.

2. Focus foreplay

Having a better sexual experience can increase a person’s desire to have sex, thereby increasing libido. Spending a lot of time on foreplay can involve touching, kissing, using sex toys, and engaging in oral sex.

According to research in 2017, which says that around 18 percent of women have orgasms from penetrative intercourse.

While 33.6 percent stated that clitoral stimulation is necessary for women to orgasm. Therefore, foreplay is very important for women.

3. Exercise regularly

Not only makes the body fresh, exercise can also help improve sexual problems.

Regular aerobic and strength training can increase stamina, tone your body, improve your mood, and increase your libido.

4. Consumption of nutritious food

Launching Medical News Today, it turns out that sex drive can be increased by eating healthy foods that can improve blood circulation.

Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease can affect physical sexual function. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS/ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ) can also affect hormone levels, as well as interfere with libido.

Consumption of healthy foods such as vegetables, low in sugar, and high in lean protein which helps prevent disorders that affect libido.

Vitamins For Sex Drive In Male And Female To Improve Sex Quality

We hope this article helped you learn about vitamins for sex drive in male and female. You may also want to learn about the Top 12 Natural herbs to last longer in bed, or check out our men’s health category.

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