Ovarian cysts home remedies

9 Natural Effective Home Remedies For Ovarian Cyst

A Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story!

Hello lovelies!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Right now i am sitting at home cuddled up in a blanket, that my sister left me, next to the fire place, with a heat pad and a big bottle of water, watching The Vampire Diaries. So, for a while now I have been thinking about the best way I write concerning something that has been going on in my life. Although, I don’t often talk about health issues with people other than my family, and really close friends but, i thought this topic should be addressed as the more people I do open up to the more I realize that this is a common health problem. I am fully aware that this is not something I should be disturbed about, or something that should scare me as there are several cases of it all around the world. So I wanted to share with you lovely people how I get on with my day when I feel like I can’t because of the pain.

In 2017 I started taking birth control, and that was when everything changed. My skin started to acting up (bless it is finally back to normal), my body began to hate me, and I also noticed a weird bloating on the left side of my belly begin to develop. As time went on i thought this was from my period, or food and eventually i just started to think it was my Ibs killing me. It all got too complicated, so I started doing my research and I basically self diagnosed myself with Ovarian Cysts. I had all the symptoms related to them, and i just needed something to blame for all the pain i was going through. But this wasn’t until December 2019.

Andrew had just left, and this swelling on the left side of my belly was really getting worse so i booked an appointment with doctors (there were so many other things also going on, but it all came down to stress and feeling sad) to finally get an answer. After going through some tests, and ultra-sounds they found that Ping Pong sized nugget of a Cyst. I was so eased, and happy. We eventually knew what was going on. I indeed have an Ovarian Cyst. These bad boys come in all shapes and sizes, there are various types, and they effect people in different ways as well. I have come in contact with women who have had Ovarian Cysts for years and didn’t even noticed it. In as much as am not a doctor, and don’t really enjoy going into anatomy details I am just going to break down to you people what I have been doing to ease the pain, and hopefully eliminate this guy!(Ovarian Cyst) Please i’ll take name suggestions for when we have his funeral. I have already given name to his two past brothers who died last year. Henry Ovarian Cyst and Winston Ovarian Cyst. They were both ass holes. I am not 100% certain that they were cysts, but the pain I went through those 2 nights (around 4 months apart) was without a doubt the worst pain i have ever dealt with in my life. Had me in crippling pain, shaking, and feeling like i could pass out on the restroom floor. If being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach for few hours was an Olympic Sport i would kick it’s ass because, i handled it like a champ, but it sucked. I have talked to a couple of women who have been admitted to the hospital while theirs burst, and they described the exact same symptoms as me so to help all of you suffering from this, Because i made a little list of remedies, and things I have been doing to help with the pain! and it is working perfectly!

Without further explanation,

I have here, 9 natural ways i am healing myself, and killing this guy! (Ovarian Cyst) that seems to love driving me insane.

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

9 Natural ways of been CURED


1. Cider Vinegar

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

The Cider Vinegar seems to be helping out to shrink my ovarian cyst caused by potassium deficiency.


I added one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of lukewarm water, and drink it in the morning, and evening. I have been taking this for over 6 weeks now, and man is it really working perfectly! It is meant to make the cyst disappear completely so, I will let you all know how my doctor’s appointment goes in a month time!

2. Hot Water Bottle

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

Every morning if i have time i will put a hot water bottle on my lower abdomen to ease the swelling, and help with the pain i often go through after having my first meal.

This really works, and the heat is very good for reducing inflammation, and releasing any stacked up gas you have going on in there that the cyst has blocked from passing out.

3. Turmeric Tablets

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

Turmeric tablets are God sent. I have been taking 1-2 a day for about 3 weeks and the results have been notable. For 3 weeks i was retaining any and every ounce of water i was consuming, my body wasn’t really dealing well with food (any food ever). And since i eat 6-8 times a day this was really becoming a big problem. And, as i started taking these Turmeric tablets my body does not bloat as before (maybe once in a week), and i feel much less weighty and irritated. Not only has it really helped me tackle the inflammation from my cyst but, it is also very good for helping repair damaged liver tissues. I make use of New Chapter Turmeric, and i highly recommend this for you!

4. Beetroot

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

The Beetroot contains betacyanin, a compound in our body that helps promote the livers ability to fight toxins that are lingering in our body system. Beetroot also has an alkaline nature which in turn helps equalize the acidity in our body system. There combined action helps reduce the symptoms that caused my ovarian cysts. I also read about the direction on how to prepare it and this is what i have been doing.

I Mix 1/2 a cup of beetroot juice or you can use a powder with one tablespoon each of Aloe vera gel and blackstrap molasses.

Note: You are supposed to drink this once a day but, since i drink Apple Cider Vinegar every morning i just do this every 2-3 days.

5. Cyst Blend: Geranium and Yarrow Essential Oil Blended in a base carrier oil

Geranium Oil helps restore equilibrium to your hormones, mostly where there is a hormonal imbalance in your body (cyst) it will help aid your system return to normal. Geranium also:

  • Balances hormones
    Relieves stress
  • Reduces depression
    Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Benefits the health of your skin
  • Yarrow Oil is also an anti-inflammatory oil so, it is very good for dealing with ovarian cyst.

How to blend Geranium and Yarrow Essential Oil?

I took 6 drops of each essential oil, and i added it to 150ml of organic massage oil. Massage onto the insides of your ankles, and downwards towards the arch of your foot, around 3 times a day till you notice your symptoms ease up (this is just what i do, if you are doubtful go speak to a specialist).

6. Maca Root Powder


Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

Maca is a fertility herb that helps the body produce progesterone and balance the hormones without containing any hormones itself. I include Maca to my oats, smoothies, and treats. It has a pretty smooth taste so you can include it literally anything and hardly notice it is there.

7. Sweet Marjoram and Clary Sage Essential Oil

Sweet Marjoram Oil is really good at calming muscles aches, and cramps. It works perfectly when applied especially with a base carrier oil and massaged over the bowel and intestines. The Clary Sage Oil soothes the nerves, helps you sleep when the pain gets severe ( A bit too much to handle). I rub one drop, neat, onto my inner ankles, and i noticed the pain reduces almost instantly.

In addition, Both these oils are amazing, and can also be used in your diffuser to help ease anxiousness, and help promote a calm environment.

8. Himalayan Sea Salts

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

I do not do this often because i do not have time. I have heard miracles happen when you bathe using Himalayan Sea Salt. Some women have noticed decreased pain within few days, and some say that their symptoms have disappeared completely.

Anytime i do have the time to take a bath, i’m sure to add salt. And Just make sure it is good quality, and that you add it the salt after taking your bath, not during.

9. Peppermint Tea

Patient Cured of Ovarian cyst shares her Story! Explains 9 Natural ways of been Cured

Organic peppermint tea  (Good quality) has really helped me deal with the pain, swelling and discomfort. I oftentimes have a cup of tea before going to bed, or after meals. I suggest this super food to everyone! Hmmm..ok there you have it, 9 natural remedies i have been using to get through my day!

As you all know exercise is a great part of my life, so it was becoming super hard to get myself to the gym, but not once have i let the pain get the best of me. Although i got to a point in my life where i literally felt like i could not walk or mentally control my emotions as my hormones are so imbalanced from this i still drug myself to the gym, and each time i felt ameliorated when i left.

My Advice: Just goes to program that your brain can quickly take over your body, so always remember MOM (mind over matter). You are stronger than you can imagine. I didn’t start this journey to put almost all my heart into it. I relax my body when needed, and I treat it right 24/7. Always stay balanced, keep nourished, and listen to your body system.

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